How to edit photos on Retrica

How to edit photos on Retrica

We are going to learn how to edit photos on Retrica. relive has slowly become one of applications for photography more popular. It's like an Instagram that specializes in selfies, where you can add a vintage filter or create a collage. You can download it for iOS or Android and it has a lot of options. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we'll show you now how to edit photos on Retrica.

How to edit photos on Retrica

First of all, install and open the application (you will see that you don't have to register). The first step is to select the camera which you want to use: front or rear? You can switch the camera by clicking the button on the top right of the screen.

Right below the camera image is a orange menu with different buttons. With the first button you can choose the size of the image or, if you want to create a collage, as you like; with the second you can choose a circular smoke effect, with the third you can choose a tilt effect, the fourth is to choose a simple frame and the last is to select a timer.

You can access the filters with the button on the bottom right, which shows three overlapping circles that form a triangle. Simply move your finger across the screen to access all filters and see how to look on the image. You can also select the filter before taking the photo.

Next, it is necessary take the picture: it is possible to choose one already present on the smartphone by pressing the button on the left at the bottom (negative) or by pressing directly on the large black button in the center to take the photo.

Yes, all corrections photographic of relive must be done before taking the picture, then think about it first! You can also take a normal photo with your smartphone's camera application and select it to be edited with Retrica.

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