How to get rid of all forts of AC4

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: Guide to Capturing Forts


Capturing the strong in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag it will not only serve you to show the world the power of your ship, but also to unlock new communication routes on the map and have access to other activities such as naval missions. Come on then, pirates, VIULEEEEENZAAAA !!!

How to get rid of all forts of AC4

There are 4 forts to capture in Assassin's Creed 10 Black Flag. We will have to free them all for several reasons: to unlock the Trophy / Achievement "The Lord of the Castle", have access to new unexplored areas of the ocean and also to unlock new naval missions.

The forts to be conquered will be indicated on your map by a red castle icon. To capture a fortress, it is necessary to destroy its defenses, infiltrate, kill the officers and the commander; in this way it will also be possible to synchronize a section of the map.
In the first phase of weakening enemy defenses, it is a good idea to frequently change the direction of navigation, because the fort's mortars can predict movement and strike from a distance. Broadsides followed by revolving cannon shots are the best way to destroy everything and better penetrate the stronghold.

In this regard, I also suggest you follow the guide to upgrade the Jackdaw ship, in this way you will field more power and your task will be much easier.

Below we propose some videos showing the solution of the 10 missions of capture of the forts, follow them if you have difficulty.

Don't forget to consult the card Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag cheats and guides for other useful guides on this game. Good luck.

- Capture Fort Dry Tortuga - Coordinates: 254, 759
- Capture Fort Eleuthera - Coordinates: 726, 784
- Capture Fort Gibara - Coordinates: 657, 522
- Capture Castillo De Jagua - Coordinates: 356, 556
- Capture Fort Carbo De Cruz - Coordinates: 566, 390
- Capture Fort Conttoyor - Coordinates: 102, 545
- Capture Fort Navassa - Coordinates: 728, 219
- Capture Fort Chinchorro
- Capture Fort Serranilla - Coordinates: 347, 140
- Capture Fort Charlotte - Coordinates: 470, 272

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