How to install and configure IPTV on Android Box?

How to install and configure IPTV on Android Box? IPTV means Internet Protocol Television which helps us to watch live channels or movies on the Internet. IPTV Player is available for all devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and even smart TVs. 

Is IPTV Illegal?

For Android devices, IPTV has a lot of apks that you can download and install. It's possible install IPTV on an Android smartphone o installare IPTV su Android Box. The IPTV app is available on the Google Play Store. Below are the steps for install IPTV on Android.

How to download and install IPTV on Android Box

Here are the steps to download and install IPTV su Android Box.

  1. To get started, log into your Android Box and on the Home screen, go to your web browser.
  2. Now open your web browser and type:, if you have the chance click here! The APK file is verified, don't worry.
  3. Once on the page click on Download APK under the word IPTV Extreme.
  4. Here you have to select the option where you want to download the APK. After selecting, the app will be downloaded to your Android Box.
  5. Once the application is downloaded, you will receive a notification in the lower left corner of the screen.
  6. Now go to the home screen of your Android Box.
  7. From your device's Home screen, go to the file manager or Downloads folder, find the file you just downloaded.
  8. At 90% you will find the downloaded apk in the Download folder… almost certainly.
  9. Click on IPTV Extreme apk and hit Install button.
  10. Wait until the app is installed.

The app is now installed on your device. You will see the IPTV Extreme application on the Home Page of your Android Box.

If you have problems with the installation let me know in the comments box.

Configure IPTV parental control

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