How to run Android Remix OS on PC including Play Store

How to run Android Remix OS on PC including Play Store, do you want to run Android on PC? OS Remix is ​​an Android-based operating system developed by Jida that runs on PC, and provides an almost complete environment on Windows.

It is a remix version of Android, manageable with the mouse and keyboard. This Android OS has been changed to a desktop OS environment, such as multi tasking, taskbar, etc.

This operating system is currently in beta. The official site says it's compatible with most hardware out there today.

You can run this OS, but it is currently without the Google Play Store. The Play Store is the heart of Android, but don't worry, the solution was provided by Jida, later we will show you how you can install Google Play on this operating system, introduced by XDA Developers in this thread.

How to run Android Remix OS on PC including Play Store

  1. Download the Remix OS from here and extract the zip file.
  2. Now run Remix OS USB from the extracted zip file and choose the ISO file to create a bootable USB drive. The USB key must be formatted in FAT32, and must be at least 8GB.
  3. Burn the ISO file to the USB stick by clicking OK, once done, reboot the system and boot it from the USB drive.
  4. After booting the system from the USB stick, Android will ask you to select Guest mode or Resident mode, select one to start working with Remix OS.
  5. You have now successfully installed OS Remix. Now you can enjoy Android on your PC.

How to install the Google Play Store on Remix OS

  1. After successfully running Remix OS. Now you want to install the Google Play Store, because without the Android Play Store it's nothing. To do this, simply download the .apk file from XDA and install it.
  2. Once the Google Play installation is finished, go to Applications and delete all data for the Google play framework and all Google Play services. Now restart the operating system. Have you finished! ?

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