How to score on a free kick in FIFA 13

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FIFA 13 - Free Kicks Guide / Tutorial


Welcome to this first Resources4gaming guide dedicated to Fifa 13 where we will try to define one good technique for shooting and scoring free kicks.

How to score on a free kick in FIFA 13

Let's say right away that the technique does not seem to have changed at all compared to the previous chapters. Below you will find a video that explains everything perfectly. There are three factors to consider:

- Looks at her (move the shot before shooting)
- the power (it is set with the shot button)
- the effect to be given to the ball (is set with the left analog stick)

We assume that the success of set pieces largely depends on the player you use to kick them. As perfect as your technique may be, if you use a Torrepaduli defender to roll your chances of scoring will be something very similar to ZERO. This does not mean that you will only be able to score with Cristiano Ronaldo, but pay attention to the statistics of the player you use, power and effect must be at least higher than 80.


How to take free kicks

To execute the shot, first decide if you want to pass the ball to the side of the barrier or above, then aim accordingly (in the video it is shown very well). Now, it's time to press the shot button to set the power e give the effect to the ball with the left analog stick.  For kicks at the edge of the area (such as those shown in the video) you need to load just under half of the power bar. Obviously, the further the distance from the door increases, the more the charged power must increase. Simultaneously with the shot button, the analog stick must be pressed. If you want to pass the ball over the barrier, aim over it and press and hold it left analog stick on top, while if you want to go around the barrier on its sides, press and hold the stick diagonally-upwards, in the direction of the door (then diagonal-top-left if the goal is to the left of the player e diagonal-top-right if the door is on the right).

A clarification regarding the left analog stick: in the video things seem consecutive, but from experience I suggest you do them at the same time, that is, press the trigger button and the analog stick at the same time to give the desired effect (if you press it first you risk making the player move by aiming away, while if you press it later you risk shooting straight without effect). Keep the stick pressed until the player hits the ball.

Here is the video where everything is explained very well, in particular, look at where to aim and the power to load. The rest is all practice and experimentation: it will not always happen to you to shoot from the edge of the area, if you are further away, increase the power, you score anyway. Also try to accompany the shot with the RB button on 360 / R1 on PS3, it seems you get better results (attention, this button has other functions if you perform a punishment at 2 or 3 as explained after the video). Also test the power applied, where you aim before shooting and when you release the left stick.


How to throw free kicks for two or three players

One of the novelties of FIFA 13 is the ability to call up to two other players to take free kicks.

call the second player press the LT button on 360 / L2 on PS3, while for also call the third player Premete RB your 360 / R1 your PS3.

Now, to kick with the first player simply press the shot button, to kick with the second player press LT on 360 / L2 on PS3 together with the shot button, to kick with the third player press RB on 360 / R1 on PS3 together at the shot button.

It is also possible to do fake football by one of the three players to then make the other shoot. To perform the feint, do as explained above to get one of the three players to throw and then cancel his roll with A on 360 / Circle on PS3, then he will throw the other player. All of this is shown in this video

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