Drive legendary weapons

Guide to unlock ALL Far Cry 4 Special / Legendary Weapons [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to get the most powerful weapons in Far Cry 4.

Drive legendary weapons

Below is the complete list of Far Cry 4 rare weapons with indicated what needs to be done to unlock each of them. These are the most powerful weapons in the game, you will want to have them too.

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  • 87 (1887 Shotgun):
    Find four [4] Mohan Ghale Journals
  • AMR (Z93 Sniper Rifle):
    Capture 23 Royal Army Outposts
  • Bull (M133 Shotgun):
    Complete 2 Bomb Defusing side missions
  • Bushman (P416 Assault Rifle):
    Unlock Shanath Level 10 Arena
  • Buzzsaw (Launcher):
    Free all 17 Towers
  • Cannon (.44 Magnum):
    Complete 5 Hostage Rescue side missions
  • Elephant Rifle (.700 Nitro Rifle):
    Bonus Pre-Ordine / Season Pass Unlock
  • HS77 (M7-12 Pistol):
    Complete 5 Hunt: Control side missions
  • Predator (M-700 Sniper Rifle):
    Complete 4 Convoy: Escort side missions
  • Rebel (A99 SMG):
    Capture 10 Royal Army Outposts
  • Ripper (M249 SAW Light-Machine Gun):
    Capture all 4 Fortresses
  • Shredder (Vector .45 ACP SMG):
    Unlock Level 6 Karma
  • Sixer (Mark IV Pistol):
    Available in stores
  • Stinger (Scorpio SMG):
    Destroy 2 Pagan's Wrath Convoys
  • Stormer (MP34 SMG):
    Destroy 1 Propaganda Poster (Propaganda Poster Guide)
  • Trooper (MS16 Assault Rifle):
    Find 20 Yalung Masks (Yalung Masks guide)
  • Warrior (AK-47 Assault Rifle):
    Capture 2 Royal Cargo Convoys trucks

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