How to set up Bixby on your Samsung TV

How to set up Bixby on your Samsung TV. Bixby, the artificially intelligent assistant found on Samsung's flagship phones, stands out from Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant. Samsung's approach to virtual assistant attempts to anticipate your needs and deliver contextualized reminders.

Bixby can edit photos, send messages and compose emails on command. Whatever you do on your phone via touch, you should be able to do it via voice with Bixby. It can also control some smart home appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart refrigerators, dozens of Samsung devices including your Samsung TV.

How to set up Bixby on your Samsung TV

Using Bixby, you can access all kinds of functions on your Samsung TV with your voice, including changing the volume and channel, searching for content, and searching for apps. You can also make more general inquiries, such as "What's the weather like?" Setting up voice control on your Samsung TV is easy, as it features the same Bixby voice assistant that Samsung offers on its smartphones.

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How can I use Bixby with my TV?

On compatible devices, Bixby will already be set up and ready to use. All you need to do is connect the TV to the Internet and create or log in to a Samsung account. Some features may not be supported if you are not logged in to a Samsung account.

  1. Press the button Home on the TV remote control
  2. Select the Settings
  3. Select General
  4. Select Network
  5. Select Open network settings
  6. Select wireless o Wired a depending on the connection mode

The next step will depend on whether you are connecting wirelessly or using a wired connection. If you connect with a LAN cable, the TV will automatically connect to the Internet. If you connect wirelessly, you will be prompted to log in using your network name and password.

How do I activate Bixby with my voice?

Activate Bixby by saying "Hi, Bixby ”. The Bixby icon will appear at the bottom of the TV screen to show that Bixby has activated listening mode. If Bixby doesn't react to your voice, please follow the steps below to turn on the voice wake feature, then try again.

  1. Press the button microphone on the TV remote control
  2. Select Explore now
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Voice Wake-up

How do I activate Bixby with my TV remote?

To activate Bixby with the TV remote control, press and hold the button on microphone, pronounce a command, then release the button microphone.

How to set up Bixby on your Samsung TV

  1. Activate the voice button. To initiate voice interaction, press and hold the Voice button on your Samsung TV remote. You will see a small icon appear on the screen when the microphone is active. This is the Bixby logo.
  2. See what you can say. When you start using Bixby, you can ask "What can I say?" to display a menu of voice interaction options.
  3. Issue a command. There are many supported voice functions, ranging from changing the channel to interacting with smart home devices, so familiarize yourself with some of the options.

Here are some commands Samsung recommends:

  1. Run an app: “Run YouTube”.
  2. Change video source: “Show source list”.
  3. Access the TV picture settings: "Set picture mode to Dynamic".
  4. Search Content: "Find popular action movies starring [actor]."
  5. View a gallery: “Show me vacation photos”.
  6. Launch Spotify: “Play Sleep Music on Spotify”.
  7. Change channel: "Change to channel 6."
  8. Open the TV guide: “Show program guide”.
  9. TV Program Schedule: “Cancel The Walking Dead Schedule“.
  10. Access the Smart Hub settings: “Open Smart Hub”.
  11. Start the web browser: “Open Internet”.
  12. Browse the Samsung app store: “Open app”.
  13. Displays the Universal Guide: “Show Universal Guide”.
  14. Play a Blu-ray: “Play the disc”.
  15. Find out the time: "What time is it now?"
  16. Check the weather: "What's the weather like in California?"
  17. Change the volume: "Reduce volume by 10."
  18. Access the TV picture size settings: “Show picture size settings”.
  19. Find out how to connect devices: “Show me how I can connect the speakers to my TV”.
  20. Navigate: “Move down”.
  21. Change the mode: "Ambient mode".
  22. Perform SmartThings actions: "Pause the robot vacuum cleaner in SmartThings."

Get the results. When Bixby responds, an on-screen display is sometimes shown that shares information while still showing the content you were already watching.

Bixby's command-based interface creates a smarter and simpler approach to controlling not just the TV, but all devices within the Internet of Things ecosystem. Instead of having to lift the remote to change channels, or walk over to the dryer to see how much time is left, or find out what's in the fridge, you can just command Bixby and have it done for you.

This integration will allow for seamless transition of videos from a Bixby-enabled smartphone directly to the TV. When your favorite show is about to start, Bixby will send a notification to your smartphone and allow you to immediately tune into the correct channel. Bixby will also help with simple tasks like weather forecasting.

Troubleshoot Bixby on your Samsung TV

  • To use the voice input and search functions, you must agree to the provisions that allow third parties to collect and use the voice data
  • Languages ​​and voice interaction features may vary by location
  • If you have set the Bixby language to be different from the language of the country you are in, some features will not be available
  • The rate of voice interaction will depend on the volume, pitch, pronunciation and ambient sound in your area
  • The optimal volume for voice commands is between 75 dB and 80 dB
  • Bixby is only available when the TV has an active internet connection
  • Even if the TV is connected to the Internet, there may be no response due to a problem with the Bixby server
  • If your internet speed is less than 10 Mbps, you may not be able to connect to the internet

If you are having trouble setting up Bixby on your Samsung TV, all you have to do is contact Samsung Technical Support.

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