How to turn photos into cartoon without Photoshop

How to turn photos into cartoon without Photoshop

How to turn photos into cartoon without Photoshop, let's learn how to turn any photo into cartoon without Photoshop, with the help of a simple and easy software, which you can easily use online, we will turn our images into cartoons.

There are a lot of image editing software, applications and software, which help the user to edit their photos, but none of them are like this online software… it's magical!

Most applications on the internet apply effects, objects, and some editing, but none of these applications are powerful enough to provide the power of Photoshop, which allows you to do anything with photos.

If we don't want to use Photoshop to edit our images, don't worry, now let's see how to do it and without using the master application for photo editing. In this article, we will see how to turn photos into cartoon without even using Photoshop.

How to turn photos into cartoon without Photoshop

BeFunky this is the online application that allows users to edit photos. It is possible to change its size, colors, add layers, cut, write, etc. With this online software you can do anything with your photos.

To work with the application, first of all, load the image, select the effect from the list that appears on the left of the screen, such as pencil effect or cartoon effect and apply it to the photo.

It is a very fast application, you can upload photos from anywhere, from your computer, Facebook, Google Drive etc. Upload the photo, choose the desired effect, save the photo and then share it on your favorite social network.

FixThePhoto is the largest site to download free Photoshop actions for photography. With FixThePhoto you don't need to open Photoshop and repeat the same actions every time.

Just go to the site and download free actions to edit photos with Photoshop. All actions are fully editable and can be used on both Mac and Windows, plus they also work with any version of Photoshop, and can be applied to raw or jpeg files without destroying the quality of the photo.

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