How to use Microsoft Paint on Mac

How to use Microsoft Paint on Mac

Microsoft Paint is one of the oldest graphics apps and has long been regarded as one of the easiest to use. But Microsoft decided to deprecate it in 2017, which means it would no longer be updated. In a surprising turn of events, the company gave the app a new coat of paint in mid-2019.

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However, that hasn't made it more accessible to Mac users. In other words, you have to be laborious to take advantage of MS Paint on your Apple computer. But we are here to help you and explain all the ways you can get your hands on this software. Read on to learn more.


This will take you straight back to 1995. There is very little background information on JavaScript MS Paint, but it works well and offers all the main functions.

Access the app via the website, which works on Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. Furthermore, it is fully optimized for mobile browsers, even if it is a bit complicated to use all the functions of your iPhone.

As for features, you get basic tools like shapes, lines, pen, brush, and more. If you want to upload an image, drag and drop it into the interface.

However, the photo may take up the entire workspace and cannot be resized. Other than that, this Paint works like the old one and exports the files to PNG.

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The MS Paint Online extension is available for Google Chrome and looks the same as the JavaScript version. After installing the extension, an icon appears next to the address bar. Click on the icon and you will be taken to the app interface.

Again, the overall layout is straight from 1995, but the app / extension itself is perfectly usable. It allows you to upload images from a URL, there is an option to upload the design to Imgur, and you can also manage storage.

As with JavaScript MS Paint, the extension offers print and preview settings, as well as a “set as background” option. It is worth noting that over 27.000 users have opted for this version of Paint and it is regularly updated.

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Parallels is a paid app that allows you to install and run an entire suite of Windows apps on your Mac. Create a virtual machine on your Mac and you don't need to restart your computer to switch between operating systems.

It features an app / icon for logging into Windows, as well as Microsoft's apps displayed in the dock. You just have to click on Paint and it starts up as if it were native Apple software. You get the updated tools and interface, and greater versatility when it comes to design tools.

However, Parallels doesn't come cheap, and if you only want to use Paint, it might be better to choose the online option.


If you want a free emulator that allows you to run Windows apps on a Mac, Wine HQ is a good option. Wine HQ creates a virtual machine and you don't need Windows licenses to use Microsoft software (at least for what is free).

The only downside to Wine HQ is that installing and configuring takes a few steps, but is much less demanding than VM or Bootcamp, although it will use a significant portion of your hard drive. 

When it comes to Paint, you get the full version of Microsoft with the updated interface and features.

Wine HQ is also something you should consider installing if you need to use other Microsoft apps.

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Did you know that the native Preview app offers many of the same features as Paint? Open an image or graphic in Preview and click / tap the Markup icon on the right. 

This reveals a toolbar that offers Lightroom-like image editing capabilities and Paint-like design functions.

You can add shapes, text, choose fill and outline colors, use a pen tool, and access a good selection of brushes. What makes Preview superior to Paint is the signature tool. This allows you to easily sign digital documents using the touchpad or mouse.

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Paintbrush is a third party app reminiscent of the old MacPaint app released in 1984. The highlights of this app are the simplified interface and ease of use. This is a no-nonsense app that only has three sections.

You get a pretty large workspace, toolbar, and color palette. Each section is separate and you can minimize or maximize it individually. 

This app is also surprisingly fast and is a great tool when you need to do quick markups or insert text in photos.

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While some consider MS Paint to be dated, this app has a cult following. And when it gets better, the end result can be pretty impressive.

Do you enjoy using MS Paint on your Mac? Is there a method or hack we haven't mentioned? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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