How to wake up to Spotify music

If you have a special song to get up in the morning and keep it on Spotify, calm down. With this app you can wake up every day to Spotify music. Spotify is the streaming music service par excellence. With this app you can use Spotify songs to get up in the morning.

I recently discovered Spotify honey, the most used music streaming service in the world. I no longer live without their music, and when it comes to waking up, I need certain songs in the morning to not wake up nervous. But of course, how do you wake up to Spotify music? Easy.

There is a very useful application that allows you to wake up in the morning with the songs from your favorite playlist. It seems to me a very brilliant idea. The name of the application is SpotOn Alarm, and its use is simple and clear: you collect music from the Spotify playlist, select it and use it as an alarm to wake up with in the morning.

Its interface is simple, it's not difficult to set up and you need to select the song and that's it. It is very reminiscent of the Google Clock application, so it will be very easy to use. Perhaps what we can blame for SpotOn is that its design is very minimalist, often better for an app to be practical than beautiful. It does what it has to do, and that's it.

How to wake up to Spotify music

Set the time and voila! Now, whenever the alarm goes off, it will play the song you put on Spotify or even your favorite playlist. Even if you don't have to get up yet, it will be very nice to listen to Spotify music, instead of those annoying predefined sounds that make me sick. ?

SpotOn it is free on the Google Play Store, although it has advertisements. This is not about invasive advertising. The application works at the great. What are you waiting for to wake up to your favorite music?

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