"Man Next Door" Objective / Trophy Guide

Sniper Elite 3 Challenge Mission Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


A first in the Sniper Elite series, the challenge missions.

"Man Next Door" Objective / Trophy Guide

In Sniper Elite 3 there are six challenges in total, divided into three different types of challenges: 2 Co-op Survival Challenges e 2 sfide Overwatch are played in a cooperative, while the 2 Survival Solo challenges they are for single player. In the two survival modes you have to face waves of enemies, while in Overwatch you play as a spotter or as a sniper and you have to complete a series of objectives.

Please note: even though the result description asks to complete ALL challenge missions, several users report having unlocked the trophy after completing 1 challenge of each type.

Here are some tips to complete the challenges without major problems

- play on Cadet difficulty, the enemies are more foolish and inflict less damage
- in co-op challenges always stay close to your partner, you will be able to cover each other more easily
- campers in raised positions and possibly with ammunition crates nearby
- take the rocket launchers from the killed enemies, you will need them to take out the tanks that appear in the last waves. Around the maps you will also find mines
- any movement on the map (collect weapons and ammunition from enemies, pee, etc) do it in the 25 second pause between one wave and another, avoid discovering yourself in front of the enemies. Alternatively, you can also leave a single enemy alive at the end of the wave and calmly organize for the next wave
- always use mines to cover your back, enemies will always try to surprise you from behind

With that is all. To unlock the other Achievements and Trophies, find the complete guide in the Sniper Elite 3 tricks and guides tab, along with all the other guides on the game. Good luck!


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