Memoji on WhatsApp, how to use them on all devices

Memoji on WhatsApp, how to use them on all devices. It is easy to create and send a Memoji on WhatsApp, both on Android and on iPhone. Apple has refined its Memoji tool as a way to personalize your emoticons, just like Bitmoji. Apple has released iOS 13 with many features including Animojis and Memojis as stickers for almost all instant messaging apps.

In addition to iMessage, iPhone users can now send Animoji and Memoji stickers on WhatsApp. If you are an Android user and want to use Memoji on WhatsApp, it is not easy, since Meomoji is currently limited to iOS users only as a creation of Apple. However, here is the workaround to use Emoji or Memoji on WhatsApp for Android.

What are memojis?

Memojis are nothing more than custom animojis created by Apple. They allow you to create a mini comic version of your (or another person's, if you wish) face. You can customize the color of skin, hair, eyes, mouth, glasses, facial hair, face shape… In other words, this is the Apple version of Bitmoji on Snapchat or AR Emoji on Samsung.

Creating these memoji is done from the Messages application. With iOS 13 and iPadOS, your memoji becomes a sticker pack accessible from your keyboard. To create memoji, here is the procedure to follow.

Memoji on WhatsApp, how to use them on all devices

Create Memoji using your face

Animoji and Memoji are made by Apple and are only available for Apple devices, including supported iPhone and iPad models. So what if even if you wanted to create the same Memoji o Animoji on your iPhone, it would simply not be possible. Therefore, you must have an iPhone (or friends with iPhone) to create a set of Animoj and Memoji stickers to use with your Android smartphone.

Here's how to create a Personalized Memoji with the your face its an iPhone.

  1. Start the keyboard default on your iPhone from any window. For better understanding, open WhatsApp and tap the keyboard input text field.
  2. Tap the icon Emoji on keyboard.
  3. Swipe right from the Emoji keyboard.
  4. Tap the icon with three points in the section of Animoji sticker.
  5. From the popup Memoji stickers, touch thethree dots icon.
  6. Tap "New memoji".
  7. From the next window, choose the features of yours face to make it like you.
  8. Tap "end”At the end of the creation of Memoji.

You can create such Memoji with different faces how much you want and customize whenever you want on iPhone.

Can you send Animoji Sticker on Android?

The Animoji and Memoji stickers were initially only available for iMessage. Later, Apple integrated Memoji stickers with the keyboard iOS su iOS 13. However, the stickers were initially sent as images and now you can use them as real WhatsApp stickers. For this, you need the latest version of iOS (iOS 13) and WhatsApp (2.19.90) installed on the iPhone.

Since the iPhone sends the Animoji and the Memoji are real whatsapp stickers, you can even send them to android phones too. They will be visible as whatsapp stickers on Android and iOS devices. Here's how to send all Memoji stickers to Android smartphone from iPhone.

  1. apri WhatsApp su iPhone and enter the chat.
  2. Tap the input text field.
  3. Tap the icon Emojis on iOS keyboard.
  4. Swipe right and tap the a icon three points among the Animoji.
  5. Scroll and choose the your face Memoji.
  6. You can scroll up or down to find all Memoji with different expressions.
  7. Touch each of the Memoji faces to send it as WhatsApp sticker on your Android smartphone.

Tap any of the Memoji or Animoji to send it as WhatsApp Stickers to your contact on iPhone. You can then check your Android phone to find all the Animoji and Memoji stickers received on WhatsApp.

How to save Memoji on WhatsApp for Android?

WhatsApp sticker packs allow you to store and reuse various stickers on WhatsApp. However, there is still no option for save all received WhatsApp stickers in one package and share them. However, the section "Add to Favourite”On Stickers WhatsApp allows you to save stickers without having the whole package of adhesives. So if you just sent all the Memoji stickers from iPhone to WhatsApp on your Android, here's how to save them all and use them in the future, as if you were using an iPhone.

  1. Touch theawesome Memoji received your WhatsApp.
  2. Tap "Add to Favorites".

All stickers "Add to Favourite”On WhatsApp will be saved on your Android or iOS device until you remove it from your device. You can use them without installing sticker packs or sticker making apps. However, if you change your device or uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone, all adhesives "Favorites ", as well as packages of adhesives, they will be permanently removed from your device.

How to use Animoji on Android?

If you just saved the Animoji or Memoji stickers like adhesives WhatsApp using the Favorites section, you can use them in all your chats. However, it is not possible to use them on WhatsApp, unlike on an iPhone. Follow the method to know how to send the saved Memoji stickers to yours WhatsApp contacts from your smartphone Android.

  1. apri WhatsApp on your device Android.
  2. Open the chat.
  3. Touch theEmoji icon in the text field.
  4. Discover Stickers tab by tapping the Sticker icon from below.
  5. Touch theicon shaped star to see the entire collection of favorite stickers.
  6. Tap one of the Memoji stickers saved to send them to the contact you are writing to.

Similarly, you can send multiple Memoji and Animoji as WhatsApp stickers from an iPhone to your Android device. Then you can use them all by saving them in your Favorites list. You can also follow these steps if you are using a iPhone which does not support the latest iOS 13 or later, in order to use Animoji / Memoji stickers on WhatsApp.

The best apps to use Memoji on WhatsApp

  • Five apps to create emojis with your face on Android

Well, there are some apps which support Animoji and Memoji on WhatsApp for Android users. However, you cannot expect the same quality of Animoji for WhatsApp on your Android as iPhone.

Bitmoji - Your personal Emojis from Bitstrips

With BitMoji, you can create your avatar on Android phones. You can use this cartoon avatar as stickers to send on WhatsApp and other chat apps. If you don't want to waste your time, there are tons of library stickers preloaded in this app. You can use these stickers to send on WhatsApp. It doesn't matter WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram. You can use this app to share avatar cartoon stickers and stickers directly from your android phone.

Download from the Play Store: Bitmoji - Your personal Emojis from Bitstrips

Mirror: avatar, sticker and emoji for Whatsapp

Mirror: avatar, sticker and emoji app for Whatsapp offers more options to create custom emoji stickers. You can create a cartoon avatar from your selfie with this android app. You can customize your keyboard with custom emojis created with this app.

Other than that, there are more than 1500 memes, stickers and emojis coming up with this app. This app supports animated emojis (Animojis) to send to WhatsApp, Instagram or other social media apps. You can share these emoji stickers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Download from the Play Store: Mirror: avatar, sticker and emoji for Whatsapp

There are tons of solutions for android users to get Animoji or Memoji stickers on their devices. These aren't integrated like iPhone users, but are only usable with third-party apps and other workarounds. We hope this article helped you to use Memoji on WhatsApp for Android.

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