No service on iPhone, how to fix

Your iPhone suddenly shows “No service”, due to this error you will not be able to connect to 4G or 5G wireless networks. This error doesn't interfere with WiFi or Bluetooth connections, but it won't let you surf on the go, when you need cellular data. Here's how to fix the “No Service” error on iOS.

When your iPhone displays the “No Service” error, it means that your phone cannot connect to your phone company's data network. While you may still be able to make calls, the error means checking your email, browsing the web, and using apps on 4G or 5G won't work.

How to fix "No service" on iPhone

There are a number of problems that can cause this problem. We will explain them below. To resolve the error with your iPhone's cellular data network, follow these steps, in that order.

1. Make sure airplane mode is turned off. Airplane mode disables all network features of your iPhone. If you activated it by mistake, cellular data networks will not be available. This is a simple solution: turn off airplane mode.

2. Restart the iPhone. You'd be surprised how often simply restarting your iPhone can fix the problems. A restart clears your iPhone's active memory (but you won't lose any data), and this is where temporary bugs can arise. Honestly, a reboot probably won't fix the “No Service” error, but it's quick and easy, so it's worth a try.

3. Enable cellular data. While airplane mode turns off all networks, iPhone also lets you turn off network types one by one. You may not be able to connect to cellular data networks because you have disabled cellular data. To fix this, go to Settings> Cellular> move the Cellular Data slider to on / green.

If the slider was already set to on / green, try moving it to off / white, wait a few seconds and then turn it back to on / green. This could restore the connection and resolve the error.

4. Remove and reinsert the SIM card. Your iPhone's SIM card helps connect to your phone company's data network. If it has a problem, you may have a data network problem. To fix this, remove the SIM card from your iPhone and reinsert it. If that was the problem, you should be able to connect to the cellular data network in seconds.

5. Update the operator settings. Your iPhone has hidden settings that control how it works with your phone company's network called Operator Settings. If the settings on your phone are out of date, this could explain the cellular data error. A quick update of the operator settings: just connect to Wi-Fi; doesn't even require a reboot! —might fix.

6. Update the iPhone operating system. Still unable to resolve the "No Service" error on iPhone? Time to try updating the operating system. Each new version of iOS brings bug fixes and new features. It could be that the cause of your error was fixed in the latest OS update. Since you can't connect to a cellular network, you'll need to find a Wi-Fi network. Once done, update iOS on your iPhone and see if you're up and running again.

7. Reset your network settings. Your iPhone stores many small settings and preferences related to how it connects to networks under the general heading of Network Settings. If any of these settings are damaged in any way, it could block access to cellular data networks. Reset your iPhone's network settings and you will create new settings and may solve the problem.

When you do this, you will lose all network settings and stored passwords. Then, you will need to re-pair the Bluetooth devices and re-enter the Wi-Fi passwords.

8. Call your telephone company. If nothing else has worked so far, it's time to call your phone company. Maybe the problem isn't your phone; maybe the problem is on the phone company side and only they can help you.

Get support from Apple. You haven't been able to fix “No Service” on iPhone yet, then probably more complicated than you can handle on your own. Whether it's a hardware or software issue, it's time to get the experts involved. You can visit the Apple Service Center or make a service appointment in person at the nearest Apple Store.

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