Pokemon GO: how the Gyms work [guide]

Pokemon GO: how the Gyms work [guide]


In this guide we see in detail what the Gyms are and how they work in Pokemon GO.

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In the world of Pokémon Go gyms are located at particular points of interest in the real world such as monuments, large shopping centers, important squares, etc. Keep in mind that in Pokemon GO the user is introduced to gyms ONLY AFTER reaching level 5. Only then is it possible to start conquering the gyms in the name of your team / faction you belong to (to learn more, read the guide to the factions of Pokemon GO, which one to choose?

Gyms can therefore be:

  • libere
  • conquered by the faction you belong to
  • conquered by another faction other than yours.

Here's what to do in each of the three cases:

If a gym is free (gray color) means that it is ready to be conquered by anyone at level 5. Approach, select it and decide which Pokémon to leave guard. The Pokemon will remain yours and will be returned to you if the gym is conquered by one of the two opposing teams.

If the gym is already on your faction (highlighted in the same color as you) you can train your Pokémon by simulating an attack. Don't worry, they won't lose life, but you won't get a lot of experience points either. By training you will instead increase the prestige level of the gym (making it more difficult for opponents to conquer), while you can also decide to leave your Pokémon to reinforce the defenses. Remember that the more you can keep a gym busy, the more you can get coins and stardust. Every 21 hours you get 10 coins and 500 of powder for each pokemon present in the gym. The reward can be obtained in the shop screen on the upper right shield.

If the gym is from a different faction than yours (color of the opposing faction) you will not be able to use it, but nobody prevents you from try to conquer it. The operation may not be easy and a lot depends on which and how many Pokemon are defending that gym. For all help, follow the guide to attack and conquer gyms in Pokemon GO.

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