Star Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

Star Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

On the forum FFG the first information about the expansion leaked Clone Wars due to Star Wars Armada.Star Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

It's been a long time since last summer's live where the FFG heralded the arrival of the Clone Wars also for the world of Armada. Between production delays, product closures (such as the GDR or Star Wars Destiny trend), slips to new publications and now COVID-19, it seems that Armada received a new bad setback. However, it must be said that the fanbase is quite used to such problems as Armada it has always been one of the less cared for product lines of the American house.

However, to reassure its users a little, the FFG has released on its official forum, a series of previews of some pilot cards / upgrades of the future expansion, giving some hope to its players.

Obi-Wan KenobiStar Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

Obi-Wan, the most beloved Jedi General in the saga, joins the fleet as commander. Its ability impacts the entire friendly fleet and allows it to reduce damage taken to a ship when a previously activated shield token is spent. Now its true effectiveness will be assessed only after calculating the number of tokens that the Republican ships will have, but above all to understand if there will be new mechanics for the consumption of these tokens. On paper it represents a very interesting skill, but one that needs to discover the outline to understand its true effectiveness. However, it remains a very well-designed skill that offers specific tactics huge advantages.

CreakStar Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

In contrast to Obi-Wan, we have the droid commander Kraken. This card allows friendly ships to change their attack dice to a face of their choice if there is another friendly ship near the target. An undoubtedly interesting power because it allows you to massively modify the die and above all to increase the accuracy precisely to cope with the defense boost that we know the Republicans are equipped with.

Clone GunnersStar Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

First upgrade card for the Republic! We note first of all that "only clones". Should we therefore expect both "clone" and "non-clone" ships? To date, there are still no indications on this. The effect is quite cumbersome, even if it offers the possibility of obtaining extra attack dice. As for the card Obi-Wan you will need to understand the context before you can actually evaluate it.

Wat TamborStar Wars Armada: first preview of the Clone Wars

Wat Tambor represents a flexible paper that offers many different uses. Based on its positioning it will be able to offer both support to the most offensive ships, and to allow greater flexibility to the most defensive ships. The will of the FFG to represent the separatist faction as a synergistic faction among all the ships of its fleet, perfectly describing that lore of synchronized droids.

From this first preview it seems that the basic concept of this new expansion is to make the ships of the new factions work with each other, creating well-defined synergies. If this direction were to be confirmed, it would be good news for the entire game system that will benefit significantly. We just have to wait for the news of this new series of products and wait for additional information from the FFG.

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