The best 6 free launchers to hide apps on Android

Google Play Store has numerous launchers. Choosing the right application launcher depends on our preferences. The launcher should offer the functionality we need. An important feature that many are looking for is the ability to hide apps without disabling them. So we have selected 6 free launchers that can hide apps on Android phones or tablets.

Whether you are trying to hide dating or social networking apps on your Android phone, the list given below works on all Android phones like Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, OnePlus and others. Let's see which are the best application launchers that hide apps on Android.

1. LITTLE Launcher

When you think of Xiaomi, it is the MIUI launcher that comes to mind. However, Xiaomi has another launcher under its belt. Known as POCO Launcher, it is available for all Android phones. It doesn't matter if you have a Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel or Mi phone, POCO Launcher will work on all phones, unlike MIUI Launcher.

To hide apps using this launcher, open the launcher settings. For this, tap and hold a space on the home screen. Tap Settings, followed by More.

Scroll down and enable the switch next to Hide App Icons. This step is one-time only.

Now open the app drawer of the POCO Launcher by swiping up on the main screen. Then, swipe right twice from the left edge.

You will see the Hide apps screen. Tap Set password to lock your apps.

When done, tap Add App. Select the apps you want to hide. Tap the tick icon at the top to confirm.

You will see that the icons have been hidden on your phone now. To open hidden apps or to show or hide more apps, swipe twice from the left edge into the app drawer again.

In addition to hiding apps, you can customize the layout, enable notification badges (number and points), use dark mode, and create folders. It also comes with the smart categories feature where apps are automatically grouped into their respective categories. You also have a unique feature of arranging apps by their color.

  • Download POCO Launcher

2.Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is known for its amazing research, among other great features. One of them is the ability to hide apps. It offers great competition to the most famous launchers such as Nova and Action.

To hide apps on Evie Launcher, open the launcher settings. To do this, long tap an empty area on the home screen. Tap Settings. Scroll down and tap Hide app. Select the apps you want to hide by checking the box next to them. You can even hide apps from Evie search by toggling the toggle in settings.

To use the apps, you'll need to discover them by repeating the above steps and then unchecking the box. Other features of Evie Launcher include notification badges, gestures, the ability to change icon packs, hide the dock, and more.

  • Download Evie Launcher

3.Microsoft Launcher

Another amazing launcher that allows you to hide apps on your Android phone is from Microsoft. Known as Microsoft Launcher, it also competes well with Nova Launcher.

To hide apps using Microsoft Launcher, long tap an empty space on the home screen and select Startup settings. Go to the main screen.

Tap Hidden apps. Then, tap Hide apps and select the apps to make them invisible.

To show apps, repeat the steps and tap Discover next to the app. The launcher offers more features related to hidden apps. These include adding a password and enabling apps in the dock. To access these settings, tap the settings icon at the top of the hidden apps screen. Similar to Evie Launcher, you can hide apps from search results as well.

  • Download Microsoft Launcher

4. Lawnchair 2

If you are looking for Pixel Launcher alternatives that come with the Hide apps option, you should check out Lawnchair 2. It's the Pixel Launcher loaded with loads of great features. When it comes to hiding apps from this application launcher, you need to open its settings. For that, long tap on the home screen and select Home Settings. Go to Drawer.

Tap Hidden App Shortcuts. Select the apps you want to hide

The launcher doesn't provide a dedicated option to hide or show hidden apps from search, but apps are hidden from search by default. However, if the icon is added on the home screen, it is not deleted. So you need to remove it manually.

  • Download Lawnchair 2

5. CPL launcher

Another powerful and customizable launcher is CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher). To hide the apps that use it, open the app launcher settings from the home screen. Tap All apps. Scroll down and tap Hide app. Select the apps you want to hide.

You can also hide or show apps by pressing and holding an app icon. Then, select the Hide apps option.

Other features include themes, at-a-glance widgets, multiple customizations for the home screen and app drawer, folders, and more. It also supports gestures and shortcuts.

  • Download CPL Launcher


If you want a launcher that offers some different customizations like HD wallpapers, live wallpapers, themes, live effects on home screen, emojis and similar features, you should check out U Launcher.

To hide apps using U Launcher, use the pinch gesture on the home screen to open the hidden apps menu. Set a password and use the Add App icon at the top to hide apps. To view or unhide apps, use the pinch gesture again.

  • Download The Launcher

Fremium launcher with app hide option

All of the above launchers are free with no paid features. Some other great launchers also allow you to hide apps, but you have to buy their full version or other features get paid. These application launchers include:

  • Apex Launcher Classic: hides the apps available in the free version, but some other features are paid.
  • Hyperion Launcher: The ability to hide apps is free, but features like gestures are paid.
  • Apex Launcher - Paid feature.
  • Action Launcher - Paid feature.
  • Nova Launcher - Paid feature.

What happens when you hide apps on Android

Hiding an app simply removes the app icon from the phone. It does not uninstall the app or delete your data in the app.

Typically, the app is only hidden from the app drawer, which shows all installed apps. If you have added the app icon to your home screen, there are some cases where you need to manually remove it from the home screen. Once hidden, you cannot see the app neither in the app drawer nor on the home screen.

Be careful, hiding an app will not block its notifications. You will still receive notifications from the hidden app. Simply put, only the app icon is hidden so that no one can see it's installed on your phone.

Not everything is hidden

Although the above launchers help you hide apps on Android, they are only hidden from the app drawer. If you go to Settings> Apps, you can still see hidden apps. As of now, it is not possible to remove apps from the Apps section in Settings without uninstalling the app.

However, hardly anyone would check that section to see installed apps. So application launchers are a great way to hide apps on Android phones.

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