The best Android and iOS adventure games

Adventure games on your Android device, when well done, take us into a fascinating and complex world, from which it becomes increasingly difficult to disconnect. Despite the small screen compared to PCs, Android devices have excellent options for this genre of free adventure games. We have therefore updated our list of the best Android adventure games.

Enjoying a good mobile video game is something many of us love. Be it racing titles, action titles, games of role, puzzle ... the truth is that there is a large catalog of video games for mobile devices and all of them of enormous quality.

Then, if you love adventure android games, we offer you some of these titles so that you can download them to your smartphone. Hours and hours of fun in the palm of your hand. You will not be disappointed.

The best free and paid Android adventure games

Download adventure games for android

0. Life is Strange - One of the best adventure download games

One of the beautiful and highest rated adventure games also has its mobile version. We check out Max, a girl who returns to the city where she grew up after several years. You will find out soon that you can control the time and you will have to make difficult decisions, namely that altering the past can have disastrous consequences for the future.

The first episode is completely free, even if the rest has to be paid, but it is really worth it as it is one of the best graphic adventures we will be able to experience today.

  • Free Download Life is Strange for Android
  • Download gratuito Life is Strange per iOS

1. Pascal Wager’s

If you like them i Dark Soul style games, you will love Pascal Wager, an Android adventure game with different playable characters in which terrible creatures and dangerous traps lurk in every corner.

The game also has RPG touches (leveling up, crafting) and has a graphics that make the most of the power of our portable devices. Without a doubt, the best Dark Souls you will find on mobile phones.

  • Download Pascal Wager's for Android | 4,19 euros
  • Download Pascal Wager's for iOS | € 4,49

2 Dead Cells

Dead Cells is the perfect example that mobile games don't have to be at odds with precise control. A game in which every game is different and where when we die - and die a lot - we will lose all the equipment we have obtained, making each new game something different.

  • Download Dead Cells for Android | 7,99 euros
  • Download Dead Cells for iOS | 8,99 euros

3. Lost Echo

Chloe's friend Greg calls you. He calls you and looks nervous, he wants to meet you at the park. While he is having an ice cream, he suddenly disappears. The strangest thing is that no one remembers seeing him, as if he never existed! Will you be able to figure out where she went? Will you be able to find it?

This interesting story to play in peino, has beautiful graphics, full of music. Beginners will appreciate the help that is offered in the game, more experienced players will likewise appreciate being able to disable this type of help.

4. The Silent Age

The Silent Age (Free) is one of the best adventure games for Android, with excellent ratings and reviews in the Play Store. The story is set in the year 1972, when the character Joe meets a boy who dies on the street and asks him to save humanity.

Joe receives a coin that allows him to go back in time and fulfill his promise, to save humanity before time runs out.

5. Samorost 3

Samorost 3 (paid) is a classic among free adventure games for Android. The title combines indie and puzzle elements. The goal here is to travel into space and visit different worlds, where aliens and other creatures inhabit.

The game mixes songs with colorful effects and other elements that make the adventure very engaging and interesting. It is worth every penny.

6. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Another Play Store classic is Assassin's Creed Pirates (free), where the goal is to fulfill a series of missions to receive rewards. These rewards allow you to increase the crew of the boats and improve the ship.

Becoming the lord of the seas is no easy task, but the game's storyline keeps the user active with very addicting challenges.

7. Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune (paid) is an award-winning game for Android that has great graphics and an enchanting soundtrack. In it, the character Leo discovers that his treasure has been stolen and sets out on a mission in search of recovering it.

There are numerous challenges between the stages, involving obstacles and suggestions that need to be revealed. It is the best option among free adventures games for Android.

8. Another World

This game appeared in its PC version in 1991, recently also with its Android version. The player takes on the role of the talented physicist Lester Knight Chaykin, who, after an accident in his office, ends up transported to a parallel universe.

In this world, he must unravel mysteries and sometimes go into a fairy way and eliminate enemies with his weapon. Another World (for a fee) is ideal for those who love the retro look of the nineties and allows you to warm up the gray matter with puzzles.

9. Secret Files Tunguska

It took over 8 years for players to finally see Secret Files Tunguska. The wait was worth it, thanks to his story. Heroin, Nina, is at the center of a criminal case involving conspiracies, secret experiments and kidnappings. The point-and-click gameplay is also one of the strengths of the game and will delight fans who love this genre.

10. Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath

In this remake of the hit Xbox game, the player must accompany the "Stranger", a difficult character in a very special shooter. This game stands out not only for its humor, but also for its incredible gameplay, with creative and challenging puzzles and very well-curated graphics.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (paid), is a more than fair investment for what it offers.

11. Prince Sands Of Time Persia

Prince of Persia (paid) is one of the best free adventure games for Android, its success started in the early 90's on PC. Of course, this timeless classic can also be downloaded to your Android smartphone or tablet with a new look and optimized controls. It's worth a try even if you weren't born in the 90's!

12. Unknown Soldiers

War is a topic often discussed in video games. Unlike violent games like Call of Duty, Soldats inconnus tackles the theme more fluidly while also showing the horror of WWI.

Like any self-respecting adventure game, there are different people who have to fight and act firsthand on the battlefield.

The game uses UbiArt Framework (which we already know from Rayman Legends and Child of Light) to show these terrible stories and bring this certain atmosphere into them. The game does not feature particularly revolutionary elements, but this is amply rewarded by the magnificent scenery that the producers have been able to recreate.

13. Grimvalor

Grimvalor is an interesting "metroidvania" with excellent and engaging gameplay. An evil that appears out of nowhere, a shadowy kingdom and a protagonist who must save him with the help of his sword alone. After that, hours and hours of fun as we slay demons and other terrifying creatures, as we cross platforms and get stronger and stronger.

  • Download Grimvalor for Android
  • Download Grimvalor for iOS | 7,99 euros

14. Forgotten Anne

Forgotten Anne is a beautiful puzzle, adventure and platform game with graphics that make you fall in love at first sight. You are Anne, a girl who has ended up in a magical world where objects have a life of their own and who has to find a way back to the world of humans… even if it won't be easy.

  • Download Forgotten Anne - Android apk game for phone or tablet for free
  • Download Forgotten Anne for iOS

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