The best Escape Room games for Android

Le escape room they became fashionable in many cities before the pandemic and since it is now quite difficult to enjoy that experience, it is better enjoy the best free escape room games for your Android phone.

If you are locked in the house all day and need to escape, why not try an escape game? Room escape games are a fun form of puzzle game where you have to use the tools you are given to escape from a locked room. So in this article we explore the best room escape apps for Android.

There are some escape games where we have to solve some puzzles, while in others we will have to be as skilled as possible to escape the room and of course these escape room games in Spanish are very “point and see” to discover new objects that will help us escape. Just do it.

The best Escape Room games for Android

Lista escape games

1. The House of Da Vinci

  • Download the game from here

One of the games escapes from the room more recognized, in which we have a series of gadgets and puzzles to solve to get out of the border we are in. A game with a very high average score for the experience and atmosphere it creates and in which we have to solve puzzles of the not so easy ones.

We will go in the Renaissance to use the gadgets of the time and be an apprentice of the Da Vinci. You are Da Vinci's most promising student. Your teacher, Leonardo, has disappeared. You have no idea where he went or what happened to him, so you begin your investigation and your search for the truth.

2. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

  • Download the game from here

Another one of the free escape games widely accepted by gamers in general and that takes you to the Arctic with rooms that you will have to escape from. Tens of thousands of reviews to reach an average of 4.4 and captivate all the players who have overcome history. We are talking about the third installment of the saga, so if you fall into their nets you have two more to enjoy one of the best escape games.

Offers 9 free levels before your teeth are really long, and then decide to buy the rest. You definitely don't even think about it, although you will always have other free options. An authentic escape the room game that we couldn't miss on this list.

3. Cube Escape Room: Paradox

  • Download the game from here

Here we are faced with a series of room escape games from Rusty Lake video game studio and they are all connected to each other. In those places or games you will have to find objects, solve puzzles and try to escape from all situations in which you find yourself trapped. A real escape game.

Even if it is It is true that the graphics are not the best, we are talking about a series of free escape games. Some titles with a slightly surreal twist with animals and more. If you want to play around with a bit of mystery this is undoubtedly one of the best.

4. Can You Escape Room – Titanic

  • Download the game from here

Another one Free escape game series from a company called MobiGrow and in which each of them has a different theme. Be it a passenger ferry, a hotel or the Maya as a backdrop. Each of them takes us into their situations and we can say that they have conceptual similarities with the previous ones.

The mechanics of game have to do with the so typical “Point and See” and that allows us to explore rooms to discover objects and solve puzzles. Nothing that doesn't escape us, but being free they are perfect to be part of this escape room game series. Of course, while some are free, others have to be paid for with a trial period so that we can assess whether we are interested in continuing the experience.

5. Puzzle 100 Doors – Room escape

  • Download the game from here

Another series of games di escape which are characterized by 100 levels environments that change as we progress. The logic is quite simple, since we have to solve a puzzle to open the door that will lead us to another puzzle with its door… Yes, like the Cube movie only the movie was a little more intense.

An interesting game that takes us to many levels and a series with which we will have hours and hours of puzzles. It is not visually badly speaking and can be included among the best free escape room games. As it is not part of the list and we encourage you to try them all.

6. Adventure Escape Mysteries – Games Escape Room

  • Download the game from here

From Haiku we have these five free escape games in which each one takes us into a terrifying atmosphere and this implies that we will be tense from the beginning. From asylum to mysterious cults, we will need to have a powerful charge to be able to escape all those situations.

And although they are not as popular as others on this list, in case you have finished all the other games these are not bad at all. Here you play with bright color palettes and a character design that is a bit like being on an Indiana Jones adventure adventure but a bit more seedy; to tell the truth.

7. Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

  • Download the game from here

And, of course, the fourth chapter of the saga could not miss. It was released in 2019 and brings everything that is authentic and that has made this saga so recognized in this genre. Let's go into a 3D world of flat colors and an exquisite color palette for a game well done.

who here are many technical aspects and we will have a very engaging experience. Escape the all-new location series in Faraway 4: Ancient Escape, filled with complex puzzles and a fantastic new setting for you to explore. This room escape game will test your solving and exploration skills.

8. Monument Valley

  • Download the game from here

We are going to talk about the first Monument Valley as an escape game in which we have the cute protagonist facing a series of puzzle similar to Escher geometry; the impossible one of the famous artist. The main character has to go through the levels to escape from that strange world where not everything seems what it is.

It 'sexception of the list of the best free escape games , since you have to pay to play one of the best free escape games in Spanish, although if we are careful every now and then they make offers to get it at a reduced price. It is one of the best escape room games, so although this list is of free games, we were forced to include it.

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