The best File Explorer apps for Android

To access it you need a file explorer, through which we can both view the folders and make changes to them. Therefore, we have written a list with the best Android File Explorer available in the Google App Store, to know only the best ones.

One of the main advantages of our operating system is the ability to manage device folders one by one. Alternatives such as iOS do not allow access to all the paths where information and data related to the phone are located, while in Android, even without root access, we have access to practically all folders using a file manager.

File Explorer Android app, the best

1. Google Files - The best Android file manager

Files by Google (formerly known as Files GO), is the official Google application to manage our internal memory. First of all, it is striking that its interface is quite far from that of a simple Android manager. 

When we open the app we will see the 'clean' section, which will show us the space we have available. Next to it, we will see just below several files that we can delete to free up said space.

  • Duplicate files
  • WhatsApp media files
  • Telegram multimedia files
  • Downloaded files
  • Large file

Depending on the applications installed, this list will vary.

In the explore section, the application is divided into downloads, images, videos. This is a fairly convenient way to access the terminal files, although if what we want is to access the folders themselves, we can go directly to the internal memory section, to see them one by one. 

Depending on the folder (not all of them have write permissions in Android, especially the essential ones of the system), we can modify or not their content, as well as creating new folders.

In addition to being a traditional browser, Files by Google allows us to share files, clean the system and perform extra functions

Thanks to its traditional file browsing function, the sharing files without an internet connection between devices with Files, as well as how it shows us content (as well as sending us notifications reminding us that there is junk content to delete), Google Files Go is our recommended file manager.

2. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a classic on Android and has improved its interface over the years to fit Google's material design. As soon as lo let's open, we have access to the device folders, in addition to the classic 'more' button, which will allow us to create new folders, files or connections in the cloud.

The latter option is quite interesting, as it allows us to access files in the cloud which we have stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire and others from the same local Android file explorer.

Design, animations, custom display options, dimensions ... Solid Explorer tries to provide an experience user visually attractive, as well as simple in terms of functionality, so it convinces us a lot. 

Upon installation, we will access the premium version for two weeks, which includes cloud features, color schemes, ad-free and file encryption. We recommend paying for the premium version after this period, as it costs only € 1,99, a fairly low price for a feature-rich app manager.

3. File Commander

Being another classic on Android (first released in 2012), File Commander has managed to adapt to Material Design and the times. When lo let's open, we see an interface that is split similarly to Files by Google

Direct access to images, videos, music, file conversion and other "friendly" functions for less advanced users, without giving up the section of the internal memory, where the phone folders are located.

The possibility of transfer files to your PC via WiFi, quite convenient option built into the application. At the interface level, we can configure a dark theme and mark or deselect each of the categories that appear on the main screen.

File Commander has a rather expensive premium version considering what it offers, although it is still one of the best file management apps, even in its free version

File Commander also allows you to test its premium version, in this case for seven days. With it, we eliminate advertising, we have links with Google Drive, file encryption and recycle bin, among others. 

After the free trial, its price is 31,99 euros per year, a figure that in our opinion is a bit exorbitant for an Android file manager of this type, so we recommend the free version, which works wonders.

4. Mi File Manager – File manager for Android free and easily

Xiaomi File Manager is the file manager application for Android that signature terminals include by default, although it also works on any other Android device. Its interface is quite clean and is divided into main categories and a folder panel. 

It is surprising that Xiaomi's Android file explorer (a classic in MIUI) works on any Android level, so we can use it regardless of the ROM we have.

Like other alternatives, this browser allows integration with Google Drive and FTP transfer. Also includes remote access to other terminals, via LAN or FTP connection. 

Another of its strengths is that, once the document folder is opened, files can be viewed according to their format, so you can see them sorted according to whether they are PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and others.

5. File Manager

With an unoriginal name and an interface not suited to modern times, this Android file manager, despite its drawbacks, is one of the best options if we want a simple file explorer.

Despite its sparse interface, the application more than fulfills its mission by adding interesting features such as remote access and cloud services.

Large icons, few options and a clear functionality: manage files, without more. When we open the app, we see both access to the internal memory and the SD card (if we have one), as well as shortcuts to view the contents of the download folders, images, audio, video, etc.

Despite being that simple, we can have remote access and integration with cloud services. In the case of this app, we do not recommend paying for the premium version, as it only removes the ads (they are minimal, to the point where it is even difficult for them to appear) and adds the dark theme. 

However, if you like the app and want to pay for it, you can do it with a single payment of 7,99 euros, or by paying 1,99 euros per year.

6. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager apk is another of the great classic Spanish Android File Managers and, currently, one of the best proposals for managing Android downloads and our files. The interface is quite clean and shows internal storage on top and file types on the bottom. It is amazing that it allows you to create folders from the main panel, to create parent locations for files.

ASTRO is completely free, does not have a paid version and allows us to do practically everything at the Android file management level

We can add cloud services such as Dropbox, Facebook or OneDrive, among others, as well as manage installed applications (APKs) from the app itself, without having to access the Android settings list. A complete, free and fairly intuitive application, which we recommend installing on your device.

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