The best pedometer apps for Android

The best pedometer apps for Android

Le best pedometer apps for Android. It is said that those who walk 10.000 steps a day are not only in better shape than those who do not, but it also helps prevent disease. However, having to count your steps seems a bit complicated. It is much easier to let the corresponding application with the pedometer for Android take care of that. In this article, you will discover the best pedometer apps for Android and what they are capable of, read on to find out more.

The best apps for walking and losing weight

Only an approximate value

The applications with pedometer for Android presented here are characterized not only by good management, but also by the fact that they allow you to count the steps taken. You can't 100% trust their accuracy, since when we tested all four applications at the same time, we didn't get the same values; quite the contrary, the differences were considerable.

Even with 100 steps counted, the results fluctuate between 90 and 170. As with fitness bracelets, applications with pedometers only provide an approximate value, as disturbances when using them can affect the results or, for example, the user does not always carry the phone with him.

Detection improved in our tests when we spent some time on the application, since it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the step count. So, before you start using a new application with a pedometer, try it first with 100 or 200 steps and adapt all the sensor values ​​to the smartphone.
Despite this, we have empirically verified that applications do not count perfectly, but provide an approximate total value.

If an application with a pedometer shows a large number of steps, the user knows that he has moved a lot. If the result is rather low, it is better to take a walk instead of spending the whole day lying on the sofa in our living room.

The apps we list below don't offer many fitness features. If you are interested in more detailed statistics, you will find them in the overview of fitness specific applications which in general also carry a built-in pedometer.

The best pedometer apps for Android

1. Step Counter and Weight Loss

Pacer: Pedometer and Weight Trainer is the name of this program. The application shows the number of steps already taken and the average number of daily steps. You can also introduce in this app, in a visually appealing way, how much you weigh at the moment and what your goals are. Also, the application will want to know your habits over the past few weeks and months.

This wide range of configuration options is what stands out in this pedometer equipped application. The user quickly enters their data and can easily set new goals or share them with other users of the application. The application also offers advanced training and analysis programs, but these are paid. The cost is € 3,99 per month, or just under € 20 per year.

2. Pedometro – Accupedo

The app does exactly what it promises: it counts your steps meticulously. To enable it to do this you must enter your gender, age, height and weight, and the application will calculate the custom number of steps that must be taken daily. In the statistics you can see the evolution of the steps taken over the course of days, weeks, months and years.

All information in the database can also be stored on the SD card or Google Drive. Anyone who wants to count their steps as part of their diet will be pleased to know that the application also calculates the calories consumed when walking. For example, it takes about 900 steps to burn a hamburger. Even Accupedo like any app has its flaw: it is sometimes annoyed by full-screen advertising.

The best fitness apps

3. Pedometro

This application is quite reliable when it comes to counting steps. Unlike other apps, this one doesn't set a custom goal, but uses your pace, weight, height and age information to record calories consumed. To start counting steps, just press the start button and it will start counting.

Another very practical and functional thing about this application is that all the statistics and information about the steps are at your fingertips. Through the tabs it is possible to alternate the views of the day, week and month and with a touch on the graphic element further information will be displayed. You can also customize the application theme.

4. Noom Walk: aerobic pedometer

Noom Walk is an application that saves enough battery, since to count steps, it uses only the movement of the phone and not GPS as well. The interface is sober and boils down to basic functions. You can change the configuration, the steps during a certain period (day, week, total, recording) and add a note.

You can also add friends and see the progress of users around the world. Despite minimal functionality, Noom Walk forces the user to accept a large number of necessary permissions.

We hope that the guide we provided was helpful to you. Leave a comment below if you like!

5. ActivityTracker

ActivityTracker is a free app designed to track your daily physical activity without draining your battery (does not use GPS). The application comes with an attractive and intuitive interface which makes it easy to use. ActivityTracker allows you to track the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the time you have been active or how many calories you have burned.

The app shows you your physical activity not only monthly, weekly or daily, but also every hour. To keep yourself motivated you can set yourself a weekly goal regarding the steps taken and the application will show you your daily progress. It is worth mentioning that ActivityTracker allows you to export and import your data and also has a function to import historical data from Google Fit.

The best apps for walking and losing weight

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