The best pet care games for Android

If you like animals, you are in the right place. Today we will see a series of the best pet games to care that we can find in the Play Store. They are also games where we can build our zoo of animals and treat them like kings, and totally free.

Remember the movie Madagascar? Who wouldn't want to take care of such warlike zebras, lions, hippos or penguins, but in our animal game and with the personal touch we want to give them.

If you are a lover of nature, wildlife and more ferocious than you can imagine, start downloading one of the free pet care games we have listed below. You will be in charge of the welfare of the animals, and surely they like parents, children and people of all ages.

The best pet grooming games for Android

List of games with animals

1. Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue !

  • Download the game from here

This pet care game comes from the great Gameloft SE company, which is a guarantee of quality. In this title you must be able to save all the animals you can from the unscrupulous hunter and his evil assistant. For this you will have to take them to your nature reserve and take care of them the best you can.

You have up to seven different maps to search for members of different species and safeguard their existence to avoid their extinction, it will also be time to release some to continue with the species in the wild. Whether in the jungle, on the savannah or in the coldest poles of the planet, you must find animals to bring to your zoo.

But you won't just find current animals, otherwise you can find authentic Pleistocene dinosaurs and mythological beings such as unicorns or the Phoenix bird itself which will make your booking an amazing place. Don't hesitate any longer and download this fantastic animal game, with its spectacular graphics and themes.

2. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

  • Download the game from here

In this game about treating animals you are a rodeo star and you have to ride wild creatures to be able to take them to your zoo, get the biggest variety of animals to get more visitors to your zoo and let them leave their money to improve your animals' facilities.

The funniest thing about this animal game is that while riding on the animal in question you can jump from one to the other whenever you want, and the more meters you advance, the higher your score and the higher the chance to catch different types of animals.

You will be able to ride an ostrich, zebra, buffalo and strange mythological beings. Bring them to your facilities and delight all visitors, the greater their happiness and enjoyment of the zoo, the greater the rewards they will leave in your locker.

Remember that while you are riding on the beasts, if you have been there for a long time on them they can rear up and launch you into the air, so you can jump from one to the other and do not forget to avoid obstacles and do not end up on a stone or palm or you will end up with your bones in the ground.

3. Family Zoo: The Story

  • Download the game from here

In this game you have to restore a zoo that was once visited by many people to its former glory, now it is abandoned and very neglected so your mission is to fix it and give the animals a habitat type according to their needs.

They are free games of animals to look after, reminiscent of other well-known previous titles, with the combination of fruits and the achievement of the set goal, you can earn coins and rebuild your animals' zoo. You have to decorate the habitats and gardens in the area, make sure the animals are doing well, and manage the zoo in the best possible way.

Not only should you keep the animals happy, but visitors also deserve to have food stalls, popcorn, gift shops, Also the more people come to your zoo the more money they leave, the sooner you can rebuild areas and get new accessories for your zoo. Don't forget to put benches for your convenience, containers to keep structures clean and many other items.

4. Family Zoo: The Story - Free Animal Games

  • Download the game from here

It's not the most typical animal game, it doesn't have the best graphics you've ever seen in your life, it doesn't even have a great interface, but this game has something that thrills you and keeps you entertained for hours. 

You have to travel to places all over the world and catch the animals you find from crazy pigs to dancing dinosaurs for your Discozoo, search well because you can find hidden and strange animals that will give you more prestige.

Shark twelve positions at your disposal to look for those animals, from the Farm, Outback, Savannah, North, Polar, Jungle, Jurassic, Ice Age, City, Mountain, Moon and Mars. Even though it is in English, you can play this fun Disco Zoo without any problem.

You will receive coins as you pass levels and mini-games, discover missions and complete objectives, but if you need more coins you can use the “Discobux” game mode.

With this option you can celebrate a disco party at the zoo anytime. This keeps the animals awake and doubles the amount of coins received, the music plays and the party begins, a disco ball appears at the top of the screen and everyone will start dancing non-stop, the zoo patrons and the animals.

5. Zooba: Play Free Animal Battle Royale

  • Download the game from here

We changed the theme a bit, but without abandoning the animals. This time we will become those zoo animals we love so much. However we have to fight for the final victory, choose between the lion, the fox, the kangaroo and train it well to finish them all.

Activate the multiplayer mode and win the war online, Zooba is a totally free game where animals have to survive the war that originated in the zoo itself. Defeat your opponents and sell your skin at a high price, if you are the last animal standing you win the battle.

Interesting graphics, a different theme that will keep you attentive to the screen, with some funny animals and weapons.

6. Zoo 2: Animal Park

  • Download the game from here

La Improved second installment of this series of animal care games will delight animal lovers. Let's go back to the mission of saving the Zoo, putting ourselves in the shoes of the director who will have to take care of ferocious tigers and wolves, guarding creatures such as foxes, pandas, elephants or giraffes. You can have wild animals or even tame them as you can take care of them and raise them from a young age.

The variety of animals doesn't end there, there are so many that your Zoo doesn't have to be the biggest if not the highest quality for all, show your management skills and build as you unlock levels and new items such as flowers, bushes, shops, toilets, benches, everything for your customers and pets.

Restore the zoo to its splendor and avoid being closed, only you can prevent it.

7. ZooCraft: Animal Family

  • Download the game from here

From the veterinary game series, take the Zoo to a new limit, you have to try to let everyone know the name of your Zoo, and for that you have a lot of ground and ample possibilities. Not only do you have to build buildings and structures for animals, you can also do genetic experiments and create your own species.

You will be able to feed your animals and play with them in their habitat, take care of them and even sell some of them as pets, it's not your typical game of building a zoo and taking care of the animals, you also need to be able to maintain the zoo.

With more than 160 amazing animal species you have to find or manufacture them in your own genetic laboratory, you can get extinct creatures or even some mythological, remember you have oceanarium for aquatic creatures, don't hesitate and get to work.

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