The best simulation games for PC

There are many great simulation games that you can play on PC! If you are into simulation, in this article you will find train, driving, hospital, aviation and even space simulation games.

Find a list with a wide variety of free simulation games, as the simulation genre is quite rich in options. Check out the best PC simulation games we recommend now!

The best simulation games for PC

1. The Sims 3 e 4

The real life simulator game par excellence! The Sims is a game franchise where we manage the members of a family, from one to several generations. We see them grow up, succeed in school, find success in their jobs and have all kinds of experiences with neighbors and acquaintances.

If you love these games and spend many hours on them, you have several expansions with extra options available. You will never get bored with The Sims, as each game will always be different from the previous one due to all the variables that come into play. Will you be a large family or a lone wolf seeking fame? Will you work to leave an inheritance or will you spend all the money on yourself? You choose!

We recommend The Sims 4 but, if you are looking for something with few requirements, both The Sims 2 and 3 are good alternatives.

2. Stardew Valley

Would you like to take over a farm? Belonging to the management games category, Stardew Valley you can do this and much more. You will take care of a field where you will have to grow plants or take care of animals. There are dozens of neighbors to meet and start a family with. You can also explore and search for fishing spots or find caves with dangerous creatures and succulent treasures. It's a really nice farm life simulator!

Stardew Valley is the perfect game for those looking for a simulation game with few requirements and with an online mode available. In fact, we recommend that you play with other friends, because there is nothing better than having fun moments with your loved ones.

3. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is quite similar to Stardew Valley, but it's more challenging in comparison. On the one hand, it requires more PC requirements, and on the other hand, you need to spend more time to progress. The game focuses on the progression of your workshop and Portia as a city, with a strong emphasis on fulfilling the missions that allow you to advance through the story.

In the middle of this journey, you'll encounter numerous NPCs to interact with to discover their tastes, and who knows, you might marry one! Your country will grow with patience and persistence, seeking resources day after day and carrying out tasks from the people of Portia themselves. Hard work pays off, and if you want to do it all, you are sure to spend over 100 hours with My Time At Portia!

4. Spore

Spore is in the life simulation games… alien category. You will be able to play in different stages of an extraterrestrial civilization, from taking care of a simple cell to transforming the race into the dominant one of the entire universe. The limit is up to you and the possibilities are endless.

You can customize creatures however you like and create vehicles, buildings or spaceships. Being a game that has been around for many years, Spore has few requirements.

5. Weapon 2 and 3

The Arma saga is made up of tactical warfare simulation games, in which coordination and good planning prevail over everything else. They are huge games, with very large scenarios and various tactical possibilities in each mission. Arma 2, being older, is a game with fewer PC requirements, but Arma 3 is the ideal version if you want to play online.

Both games can be played alone or in company. There are dozens of vehicles to drive and weapons to use to complete missions. It is essential to gear up properly and know the mission well, because in Arma you can't just walk in and shoot like crazy.

Both Arma 2 and Arma 3 enjoy good bonus content thanks to the community. If the base game isn't enough for you, there are plenty of mods with extra missions to play with other players. For sure you won't be bored for weeks!

6. Squad

Squad, a game that looks a lot like Arma, is another realistic war game focused on player versus player. In every game, in fact, dozens of players compete against each other in two great teams. In this game, everything goes beyond just managing tanks and using weapons of all kinds.

Two of the most important mechanics in the game are communication and construction. You will be able to communicate at different levels, depending on how you need to talk to your squad, close allies, or other squad leaders.

Construction is important, as it is an essential element of adaptation. Build anti-missile emplacements, raise fortifications and prepare to defend your position. Any ambush can be deadly! Squad is very picky on requirements. Buy this game only if you have a good PC.

7. World of Warships

World of Warship is a free ship simulation game that allows you to manage more than 300 warships. With ships inspired by WWI and WWII, you can play against other players or team up with your friends to complete missions. If the battles get tough, you have the option to upgrade your fleet and recruit commanders.

It is a realistic game that will require practice both to control each ship and to get along well with your mates. It is essential to be in good company and plan a good strategy in the face of any danger. If you love naval combat, this is the best PC simulator!

8.War Thunder

In the ship simulation games category we find War Thunder, a complete game, with a lot of content for both single player and multiplayer. It has a hundred different maps that serve as a setting for naval, air or land battles. Whether you control a battleship, helicopters and fighter planes or tanks, the goal is the same: destroy the targets!

For a free game, the developers paid close attention to historical details. If you are a fan of war simulators and WWII and Cold War history, feel free to play this game! Also, you can participate in games with PS4 players although, yes, the game is a bit demanding in terms of requirements.

9. IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 and Battle of Stalingrad

We continue with two proposals for lovers of air combat. IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 is a classic of the genre of PC simulation games and lots of content to keep you entertained for a long time. There are around 200 missions spread over different campaigns, which is saying little! It is a game focused on single player mode, well made and much loved by fans of the saga.

If you prefer a more recent game, Battle of Stalingrad is more demanding in requirements but more refined in physics and vehicle control. You will not only fly combat ships; You'll also be inside the tanks! Unlike in 1946, in this version of the game you can play online, cooperatively or competitively.

10. Assetto Corsa

Time to introduce the first in the driving simulation game series! Assetto Corsa is one of the most careful games in terms of car physics, which it also has with official licenses of Ferrari, Lotus, Audi, Porsche and many others. It has full compatibility with any type of virtual reality control and viewer and is comfortable in all ways of playing.

In Assetto Corsa you will find a good repertoire of vehicles and game modes. You can learn little by little with the campaign mode and free practice, and then face rivals in championships, online and races against the clock, among others. If you are passionate about driving, don't leave Assetto Corsa aside!

11. Project CARS 1 e 2

Project CARS is a more popular game than Assetto Corsa and it's no surprise. Both 1 and 2 have been tested by fans of the genre and real pilots to make sure Project CARS offers us the best simulation experience. And it achieves it with excellence!

In both games you can drive racing cars, rally cars and even single seaters. Weather conditions affect the course of the race, which is another obstacle in the face of winning races. Also, you need to be careful while driving, as any collision can be fatal!

12. F1 2012 and 2019

If you are a big fan of Formula 1 racing, you must play this racing simulation game! It is a pretty solid game series, with a well thought out and calibrated single-seater handling. Consequently, if you want to be the best driver, you need to measure every corner to the millimeter and know when to pass or wait. You will feel like you are really on the circuit.

We could recommend any game in the series, as they are all good. Among all, we point out F1 2012, as it is not demanding in terms of requirements, and F1 2019, as it is a very complete delivery and one of the big favorites of the franchise. Also, in the 2019 edition you can play in the Formula 2 season!

13. DiRT

DiRT is a rally simulation saga that has varied in its level of realism. With the exception of installments like DiRT Showdown, which had a more arcade focus, all of these games hold good benchmarks in driving simulation games. Specifically, DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2.0 have become excellent references for the genre.

In this saga you will have fun racing against time, in which you will have to beat the best score. In addition, there are different variants of competitions, from standard rally to Rallycross, passing through buggy racing. For a more arcade twist, in some installments there are challenges in the style of a gymkana, as in DiRT 3.

They are games that have good content to play for at least a couple of dozen hours. You can also challenge other players; which ensures long afternoons of endless revenge.

14. MotoGP 20

The MotoGP franchise needed several deliveries to refine its proposal and bring the idea to fruition. If you are passionate about motorcycle racing and have a good PC, both MotoGP 19 and 20 are essential in the simulation genre. The AI ​​of the opponents has improved a lot and the handling of the bikes is better than ever. To adapt the control to your style, you can even make technical changes!

Other improvements added in the last two editions are graphics, more realistic than ever and a better profiled path to success than in previous installments. If you have the opportunity to play with friends, the 19 and 20 editions incorporate a better online. What are you waiting for to prove you are the best driver?

15.Euro Truck Simulator 2

Who said driving a truck was boring? In Euro Truck Simulator 2 you are not only responsible for driving a truck, but you have to expand your business by buying more garages and recruiting more drivers. This game is all about taking goods and packages to different European cities and, believe it or not, it's a real challenge!

As a truck simulator it is interesting, because the game challenges your speed, stamina and driving skills. As there are several commissions targeting cities across Europe, managing your business well is vital. Expand and compare benefits with expenses. Only then will your company be successful and you will become the most reliable truck driver in all of Europe.

16. Transport Fever

Transport Fever is one of the simulation sagas with the greatest variety. In both campaign mode and free mode, you will manage more than one hundred transport vehicles. From trains to planes, boats and buses, you'll have plenty of trips to simulate in your favorite mode of transport.

The control of each vehicle is quite intuitive. The vehicles are inspired by European, American and Asian models (the latter only in Transport Fever 2), and the game is set at different times in the story. So it's hard to get bored! The only downside is that Transport Fever 2 is poorly optimized, but the first part works much better.

17. Kerbal Space Program

A simulator doesn't have to be so realistic! In Kerbal Space Program you will build ships so that they can fly. What does it mean? This, when building spaceships, it is necessary to take into account the laws of physics and aerodynamics. It sounds complex, but it's a lot of fun!

When you successfully take off and fly (you will certainly try multiple times), the next step is to explore the planets and satellites of the solar system. You can build bases, space stations and new ships to explore to the ends of the system. In this sense, simulation is not so present in the game, as Kerbal Space Program takes a more adventurous approach.

18. X-Plane 11

If you love aviation, X-Plane 11 is one of the best flight simulator proposals. Helicopters, airplanes, jets and airplanes, whatever transport you choose, you will notice that the simulation is faithful and close to reality. The best thing to do is to fully immerse yourself with the virtual reality option, to control the plane from the cockpit. It is an experience that does not leave you indifferent!

The negative point of this game is that it is very expensive and requires a good PC to run it.

19. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

For an experience like X-Plane 11 but for PCs with few requirements, Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the perfect alternative! It has been more than ten years since this game came out and it still remains one of the benchmarks in flight simulators.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator X, you can travel to thousands of different destinations. For each trip, you can decide where to start from and change parameters such as weather conditions, time or season of the year. There are also dozens of missions to complete in this game which will help you better understand how the game works. It's a fan made simulator, for aviation fans!

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