Whatsapp profile photo is not seen, what to do

Through this article we will try to understand why the Whatsapp profile photo is not seen? WhatsApp is a platform designed exclusively to socialize in a safe and practical way with our family, friends and acquaintances.

Today everyone uses WhatsApp, as it is a very simple platform to use and with very different functions, but sometimes it happens that our profile picture does not appear on WhatsApp. How to solve?

Every day new people become users of this popular app, so it is common for questions and problems to arise. Some of the most common problems are related to the loss of messages, which is usually solved by making backup copies, other problems are more basic and easier to solve.

When the Whatsapp profile photo is not seen, solving the problem is usually a simple task. In any case, it is necessary to analyze the possible causes of the problem, which we will see below.

The Whatsapp profile photo is not seen, what to do?

There are several reasons why the your WhatsApp profile picture is not seen, for this reason it is necessary to analyze what could be the cause of the problem. These are some of the main reasons why your profile photo is not seen on WhatsApp by your contacts:

1. You have not selected a profile photo

The first point may seem very obvious, however it is worth looking into whether we actually have one selected profile photo. In many cases, users forget to select an image for their profiles, if this is the cause of the problem then follow these steps:

  • apri WhatsApp.
  • Go up Settings, which is located at the top right (three vertical dots).
  • Once inside, hit on the first option, which is where your username appears.
  • If a profile photo does not appear, you have to select one, for this press on your name.
  • Now click on the camera icon and select the profile photo you want on WhatsApp.
  • Edit it and press OK, after this you will have defined your profile photo.

2. You don't have the contact of that person who doesn't see your profile picture

Another of the most common reasons why other users cannot see your profile photo on WhatsApp is because you have not saved the user in the address book. The default privacy options determine that those who are not among your contacts will not be in able to access your image of the profile. So check that you have this contact saved in your list.

3. Profile photo is not seen on WhatsApp: wrong privacy settings

As noted earlier, the privacy settings determine who can see our information, including the WhatsApp profile photo. Your contacts may not be able to properly view your photos due to inadequate privacy settings. To verify the configuration, follow these steps:

  • Go up Settings, pressing on the three points at the top right.
  • vai all’account.
  • Select the scheda Privacy.
  • Go to Profile picture.
  • Once in this menu, configure the option to define who will be in degree of see your profile picture. You can choose between the options All, My contacts or None.

Other reasons why Whatsapp profile photo is not seen

The reasons mentioned above are based on problems that can be solved, but there are other causes that are beyond our control. Below are some of those conditions that we cannot control, but which are also a common cause why can't see your profile picture.

1. You are not on their contact list

It is possible that the reason why they don't see your profile picture of Whatsapp is because the user does not have your number stored. If this is the problem, the solution is simple, as long as the user adds you to their contacts.

2. They blocked you

Another reason why the Your profile picture is not displayed on another user's WhatsApp is that that user has blocked you. It is very common for inexperienced users to block their contacts unintentionally, making sure that your messages do not arrive and your profile picture is not visible.

3. Connection errors

Internet connection problems may cause failure to display the profile picture on Whatsapp. This problem is fixed as soon as the device connects to the internet, it is common when the connection is not working or if it is the app that is not working.

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