Android TV guide app, the best

Android TV guide app, the best

To find out what they will show on TV, you need to consult the schedules of the various channels. Today you can download the free Android TV guide apps on your devices to stay constantly updated. In fact, if once you bought the paper TV guides or you relied on the good old “Teletext”, now it is the technology to meet you from multiple points of view.

Android TV guide app, the best

So let's see together which are the best TV show apps free downloadable today, considering that all offer a wide choice in terms of functionality and features. Before downloading the one you think is right for you, remember to take a look at the reviews, to know what other users really think of those free TV shows.

1. Super TV Guide

The best TV shows app to consider to know what's going to be broadcast on tv is Super TV Guide app, which shows what will be broadcast on 260 television channels and more, including those of the Swiss Spanish Television.

Among the various features are the Timeline tabs to examine the content of the program schedules on a channel-by-channel basis. The Search function must also be considered, which is used to find the channel that broadcasts a certain event.

Among the various advantages we find:

  • An intuitive graphics that comes with high-tech sliding panels;
  • Fast download of schedules;
  • Cross search;
  • Favorite channels management;
  • Immediate viewing of first and second evening and "now on air" programs;
  • Timeline.

2. TV schedules

Among the most downloaded apps tonight on TV in this sector there is certainly TV schedules. It is more popular than others, perhaps because it offers not only the programming of Spanish channels but also those of the TV networks of Germany, Spain, Denmark, England, France, USA and Russia. Among the advantages we find:

  • Channels always updated;
  • Schedules through slides;
  • Channels always updated, with national icon and numbering;
  • Schedules proposed with slides;
  • Programs available in quick version;
  • Plots, descriptions and additional content.

3. Free TV Guide

Free TV Guide it is similar to those just described. It has a complete view of the programs that are broadcast on the various channels available. Among the various functions we find:

  • The live that allows a look in real time on your favorite programs;
  • Social content shared by programs and characters;
  • Time slots indication;
  • Division of programs into categories;
  • Social rankings.

4. TV Programs TV Guide

Another very easy and intuitive TV program application, which allows the user to consult the programming of multiple channels. We obviously talk about a type of free TV schedule app to know what they do Tonight on TV and not only. As regards the advantages and characteristics, they can be summarized as follows:

  • Practical and intuitive interface that can be easily consulted from mobile devices;
  • Management of TV channels, also selecting the favorite ones;
  • Instant search option;
  • Sharing of TV program information via email, text message, social network;
  • Function of association of the reminder function of the TV program with the calendar of the device;
  • Schedule of Digital Terrestrial channels;
  • Sky programming;
  • Mediaset Premium programming

5. TV programs - Cisana TV +

Also in this case we are dealing with a software that does not differ much from the functions of those described. And in fact the application TV Programs - Cisana TV + in question offers:

  • Now on air function;
  • Tonight on TV directly from the highlights in the home;
  • Choice of favorite channels (only if you register, so as to quickly consult the TV programming);
  • My TV, or an area customized to your television tastes;
  • Programming of favorite channels;
  • Suggestions on programs that might suit your tastes;
  • Favorite programs (accessible only by registration). It allows you to see which TV programs will be broadcast during the week and which you have added to your calendar from the program tab;
  • Free search on the TV guide by keyword and genre (films, fiction, sports, TV series, etc.);
  • Everyday Highlights where a list of digital terrestrial and Tivùsat TV programs selected by the editorial staff is indicated;
  • Channel list and hourly timeline with weekly programming;
  • Program sheet with in-depth information and exclusive and always up-to-date contents;
  • Remote control function also manageable with a smartphone.

6. TV Guide

Last application to consider is TV Guide able to give the user an overview of what will be broadcast in the various channels available (even if they do not even reach a hundred). As regards the main functions they are:

  • Seven-day programming of the channels available on satellite and digital terrestrial;
  • Possibility to see in full all the broadcasts on air at that moment. Where possible, a poster, a timetable, as well as genre and plot is also added in detail or through the use of the IMDB database;
  • Viewing prime time programs, now on air and timeline;
  • Search program by name by time or by other filters and parameters that can be established before the search;
  • Personalized incitement of your favorite channel list;
  • “Trigger” service to not miss any news on the programming of favorite channels and the kind of programs of interest;
  • Custom setting of notifications (sound / vibration);
  • Custom setting of the application theme (Colors: Black, White, Blue, etc.)

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