Best Clash of Royale Arena 1 & 2 Deck [Under 600 Trophies]

Best Clash of Royale Arena 1 & 2 Deck [Under 600 Trophies], this guide was written by a Chinese player, IGN ”AnqieVincent“. He is one of the top 50 players in Clash Royale. At this stage, most of the players are still newbies to Clash Royale. In these two levels there are 5 high value cards below 600 trophies, namely the Prince (Epic), Musketeer (Rare), Mini PEKKA (Rare), Baby Dragon (Epic) e Witch (Epic). Among them, there are three are epic cards, but you will have the possibility to use them already at the beginning of the game and also through the whole game, even later on. The reason these five cards are invincible at the start of the game (under 600 trophies) is because they have a high hit point and high damage per second.

Normally speaking, none of these five cards have high HP, but they can easily destroy the enemy's tower. However, with the exception of the Witch, the other four cards are a bit weak when facing individual units.

So below we recommend the cards that proved to be the strongest in the first two levels that all recommended cards can get under 600 trophies.

  1. One card that can take on the main "tank" type role to be played, among the available cards, is the Gigante (5 Choose), and lo Scheletro gigante (6 Elixirs).
  2. One or two cards to hit a group are the Frecce (3 Elixir), and one to choose from Fireball (4 Elixir) or Bomber (3 Elixir). I would choose Fireball.
  3. The cards that can be forwarded to the Giants or al Giant Skeleton, or they can be used to stop attacks on your towers, we can choose between the Cavaliere (3 Elixir), Goblins (2 Elixir) or Valkyrie (4 Elixirs).
  4. One of the three low-cost elixir cards that can cause moderate damage to enemy troops, we can choose from Goblins (2 Elixirs) Archers (3 Choose) e Servants (3 Elixirs).

You can create a strategy in battle using the cards you have in your hand. However, you have observed that this deck has zero defense capabilities. So when your opponent is trying to attack your tower, you will put all your troops in one line. Your opponent will not normally fight unless his level is higher than yours.

Then the optimal deck to fight at Clash of Royale Arena 1 & 2 under 600 trophies should be as follows:

  1. Gigante.
  2. Scheletro gigante.
  3. Fireball, Bomber.
  4. Cavaliere, Prince o Valkyrie, here I leave the choice to you.
  5. GoblinsArchers.

A game is not a math exercise, what might have been right for him, might not be right for you.

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