Dead Island Riptide Cheats: XP and Infinite Money [360-PS3-PC]

    Dead Island Riptide Cheats: XP and Infinite Money [360-PS3-PC]

    Dead Island Riptide Cheats: XP and Infinite Money [360-PS3-PC]


    Experience points and money are the most important resources you will need in Dead Island Riptide, here is a trick to accumulate money and XP in large quantities.

    In Dead Island Riptide there are several ways to earn money and experience points, but below we show you a trick that will allow you to earn infinite money and XP. We will continue to update this farming guide as we discover new methods.

    Method 1 (infinite money)
    In my opinion this is the simplest way ever. Find any checkpoint and do as shown in the video below to duplicate as many items as you want. Then find one of those who sell / buy items and sell them all for a lot of easy money. Obviously you can repeat the process indefinitely, thus having infinite money. Here is the video

    Method 2 (infinite money + XP)
    To take advantage of this method you will have to find the character "Miya" who is in a rocky basin in the northern area of ​​the map, in the Mataka village. After completing her "Femme Fatale" quest, Miya will give you money and XP if you bring her Swords. The great thing is that you can buy swords for around $ 300 from any character who owns the shop, but when you resell them to Mya this will give you 1600 XP + $ 1200 each, a real bargain !!!

    To make things even easier and more profitable, after you have found the first sword you can use the trick to duplicate objects to duplicate it infinitely thus saving you time and money to buy swords.

    Below you can see where Miya can be found on the map, while this video shows how to duplicate objects.

    Dead Island Riptide Cheats: XP and Infinite Money [360-PS3-PC]


    3 method
    This is the most complicated method, which we report only for completeness, use the first two which are much simpler.

    This exploit is based on the farming of canned foods and painkillers. To take advantage of this trick and accumulate money you will have to activate two side missions.

    The first side quest to activate is "Heavenly gift". You will receive this side quest after clearing the Paradise field early in the game. You will meet Chimamanda after completing her mission. She will ask you to bring back any canned foods you find.

    The second side quest to find is "Kill the Pain". This mission asks you nothing more than to take painkillers.

    Now that you have both of these missions active, proceed until you get to a point in the main mission where you meet Dr. Kessler who will give you some missions to complete. When you have completed the missions the fast travel to the biosphere laboratory will be available. This fast travel location is very important because when traveling to this location all the elements on the map will respawn allowing you to accumulate as many items as you want. Thanks to this trick, there are two locations where you can accumulate all the canned foods and painkillers you want: the first is Mataka Village, the other is Marik's Marina.

    Grab all the items, go back to the biosphere lab and repeat the process as many times as you like. When you are satisfied with the amount of canned food and painkillers collected, return to Halai Village to deliver it to Chimamanda, the reward is all yours.

    Here is a video showing this 2nd method in full

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