Cheat to earn XP in Watch Dogs

Trucchi Watch Dogs: XP facili [PS4-X One-360-PS3-PC]


After seeing how to earn money, here is a good method for farming gods experience points which will make you level up very quickly and develop all the skills of the character.

Cheat to earn XP in Watch Dogs

If for some absurd reason, you should feel like burning the stages and get to level 50 quickly from the beginning of the game try this procedure.

Go to the hideout area near the river and the railroad. First of all, raise the wanted level by killing civilians inside their cars, remember that the higher the wanted level the more XP you will earn. Keep doing it (as long as they are in the cars the police will not arrive), when the wanted level is at the maximum go to the L train station, go over the fence and steal any car, then get caught by the yellow scanner so as to put you in the ribs the greatest number of policemen.

Now break the fence and drive into the tunnel, stand on the left side and wait in the car until the train appears. Go back to advance the train that won't hit you. At this point, get off and enter the train. When the white scanner runs out you will be rewarded with 300 XP for evasion. Now run to the end of the tunnel while staying in the train, wait for the helicopter to leave the area, then shoot the ground to make the white scanner appear again. The cops will now have another 50 seconds to find you, but where you are they will never be able to find you, so when the timer expires you will have another 300 XP.

Repeat the process as many times as you like to accumulate lots of easy easy XP. If for some reason the wanted level drops, shoot some civilians to get them up again. Also remember to go back to the hideout to save progress with XP earned.

Here is a video showing the procedure just described. Good fun

Important: in the cheats and guides tab of Watch Dogs you will find all the other guides for this game, do not forget to consult it.

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