Call of Duty Ghosts trivia and secrets

Call of Duty Ghosts: all the secrets and easter eggs

Call of Duty Ghosts trivia and secrets


Let's go to the discovery of the easter eggs hidden in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign. Also this time we will see some good ones.

Call of Duty Ghosts trivia and secrets

A puppy alien

We have dedicated a guide to this easter egg. In Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode we have the chance to have a "tamed" alien fighting faithfully alongside us. Follow this guide to find out how.

All right?

Here's a nice reference to Monthy Python during the game's single-player campaign. Watch the video

Zelda e Doctor Who

Here's another reference, this time Zelda and Doctor Who are targeted. During the "Federation Day" mission of the campaign, after passing through the CARANI gate you will be able to see what is shown in this video.

A teddy bear in the team

Here we are on the "Flooded" map of the Multiplayer mode. At a precise point there is an invisible ladder that leads to a pipeline where you will find a Teddy bear. Watch the video, in case you need company ....

The Alien Bears

Playing in Extinction mode, before placing the drill go to Gil's Lodge Motel and shoot, using a sniper rifle, the letters "L", "O" and then again "L" of the sign Lodge sign. A message on the screen will confirm that you have just activated the "LOL" easter egg. Now every time you kill an alien it will explode into so many aliens with a shape resembling a bear. Watch the video

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