Gears of War Judgment - How to earn easy XP

Gears of War Judgment - How to earn easy XP


Here's how to accumulate XP in a short time and without much effort.

In Gears of War Judgment there are a couple of methods you can take advantage of for earn experience points (XP) quickly and easily.

Medoto 1 ("Doorman" Onyx Medal)
To earn an easy easy Onyx Medal along with loads of XP in singleplayer, what you need to do is unlock the Doorman Medal (porter), which asks you to open a door 200 times.

Boosting the process is simple, just have a friend or another controller close at hand. To open the doors, we recommend looking for a double door which needs two players to open it. If a player interacts with the door over and over, these will all count towards the score for the medal.

This method does not work in the presence of CPU-controlled characters, so you will need to play with a friend, or log in with a separate profile using a second splitscreen controller.

A double door can be found at the beginning of the game. Load chapter 1, section 1 and continue forward until you reach a double door. Let the other player wait while all you have to do is hit [X] repeatedly. You will unlock the medal and a lot of XP in a few minutes.

2 method
This same stratagem can also be used in the "Aftermath" campaign, at the point where the C4s have to be placed. Place the C4 with X and then cancel the action by pressing B. This will also count towards the Onyx medals and will accumulate XP. Here is a video showing the process

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