Horizon Zero Dawn: A Guide to ALL Watchers [PS4]

Horizon Zero Dawn: A Guide to ALL Watchers [PS4]

Horizon Zero Dawn: A Guide to ALL Watchers [PS4]


In this guide we see how to find all the Observatories in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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What are the Watchers in Horizon Zero Dawn for?

In Horizon Zero Dawn you sono 12 Observers in total which you will need to access for both unlock the "All Observers Found" trophy but also for get a fair amount of easy credits. The Observatories are located on high platforms overlooking large open spaces, which means that you will often have to climb to reach them. Nearby you will always find a chest with metal fragments inside. Observers are highlighted with a purple icon when approaching, press the R3 key to activate them. This will allow you to take a look back and see what the world was like in ancient times.

Where to find all the Watchers in Horizon Zero Dawn?

For these as for the other collectibles in the game there are maps that can be purchased in-game, but know that these maps do not indicate the exact location but only the area in which to search. For more precise information refer to following video showing exactly where all the Watchers are located in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Progress is saved when you reach a checkpoint or save point, remember this every time you collect a new collectible. Also remember that you can retrieve any collectibles not collected at any time even in free mode.

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