How to make the sombrero in PES 2014

PES 2014: how to perform the sombrero [360-PS3-PC]


Il hat it is one of the touches of class with which the great stars ignite the stadiums: light touch right under the ball, and the ball climbs over the opponent passing right over his head.

How to make the sombrero in PES 2014

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 it is possible to do some fast dribbles at any time, and it is thanks to this touch that we will be able to perform this exquisite trick.

First of all know that not all players can do this: in the team settings, select the player and then go to "player skill". Here there must be the skill 04, which is precisely that of the sombrero. Using a player who has this skill you will have to aim the opponent by advancing towards him, when you are close enough you will have to lift the ball by pressing the right analog stick.

Try it out, the success of the trick depends on several factors such as the position of your player and his distance from the opponent. Here is a video showing how to do the sombrero in PES 2014.

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