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Are you looking for a free way to record android screen without rooingt? If so, then you are probably reading the right article. Start downloading the free best apps to record your phone screen. Applications for record the screen (without root) record all the activities that are performed on the screen of the Android device and store them in video format.

Then you can download these videos on any website or share them with your friends using social media sites like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. There are many applications to record android screen without root, but there are very few applications that are capable of doing it truly and well. Below you will find some of the best apps to record your android phone screen which do not require root permission. Let's take a look at these applications.

The possibility of record your android phone screen without root it is one of the features that the green robot's operating system lacks. Developers also implement this functionality in their custom ROMs. In this new article, we will talk about the best android screen recorder apps!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a screenshot isn't enough. So it's time to record the screen, a surefire way to explain how something is done step by step or show your latest progress in a game by uploading the video while playing YouTube or similar.

I recommend …

I have to make you a recommendation: if you are using a device that still runs with Android 4.4 KitKat, before using any of the apps listed below, you must root. If, on the other hand, you are using a device based on Android 5.0 or higher of the operating system, no problem, the screen recording works even without having obtained root permissions. Having said that we can go on: in the following lines I will explain how record android screen. Happy reading and have fun!

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Why Record the Screen?

In fact, this feature is mostly useful for gamers and developers. Indeed, this possibility becomes really nice when we have to show and share video games and / or application tutorials and more. On the development side, it can also be used to make a promotional video of an application without using the Android SDK.

The solutions we show you below are pretty simple to use. Record your android phone screen without root with any of the apps below it's very easy. You decide which one to use. You know it's possible record your android phone screen on PC, click here.

The best apps to record screen

Le best apps to record the screen of an android device? Today, there are billions of people using Android. Google's operating system offers many features, compared to any other operating system. Below we have listed the best apps to record screen on your phone, let's see what they are.

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AZ Screen Recorder

This is one of the best apps for record screen on android. In this application there is the anonymous recording function, with which you can easily record the screen and clips of the front camera without showing anything on the screen.

Besides that, it has several advanced settings such as the ability to choose the resolution, frame rate per second or bitrate and can superimpose the front camera video while recording, with or without audio.


This is another android application that record screen activities. This application is freely available and works without root. In this application, you need to set the bit rate and file saving path on first use. You can also record audio with this app, this app gives you 10 seconds to get ready to record.

One Shot Screen Recorder

This is a good one application for recording the screen on an android phone, as the title suggests, a tap on the screen is enough to start or stop recording. If you want to eliminate advertising, there is also a paid version.


This application is very famous, it helps you to record screen easily. With this application, you can record screen with stereo sound, monitor device screen on any Miracast or AirPlay enabled device, and you can also take screenshot just by shaking your Android device.

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This is one of my favorite apps for record cellphone screen activities without root. With this application you can record screen, share data with computer b / w and your Android and there are many other options available in this application.

Furthermore, this application is freely available on the Google Play Store. You can check the recording with a mobile button like AZ Screen Recorder, although there is no live broadcast. What you can do is edit the resulting video by adding an introduction and an outro or by cutting its duration.

Unlimited Screen Recorder

This application makes screen recording easy and even fun. The length of the video is unlimited, so you can record as long as the device has free memory. For example, you can capture your new application with a single click and also give it a real-time voice presentation overlay using the microphone.

ilos screen recorder

You can record the screen of your android device and supports Android 5.0 and above. Users will have the option to share the recorded clip on YouTube, Drive, Dropbox or Facebook etc. There are no ads, no watermarks and no time limit to record the screen.

Google Play Games

Record and share your best gaming moments from your favorite games. Google Play Games isn't just a hub for your mobile games. It also has a screen recording function. It works pretty well. However, it's mostly just for gamers. Start the game with the screen recorder directly from the app and record your stuff.

Stream – Live Video Community

You can either record, that stream everything that happens on the screen of your Android phone.


Vysor allows you to view and control your Android phone or tablet from your computer. Use applications, games, control Android with the mouse and keyboard. Excellent presentations. The application does not log anything. Users must record the phone screen on the computer.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a free, stable and high quality recording application! Screen Recorder helps you to record videos, very smooth on your phone screen. With a variety of functions and without the need for root, Screen Recorder provides an easy way to record video games, video calls, live shows and more.

This is not a feature rich application, as seen on other applications, although it is possible cut records. It's an attractive option for those who want something simple without a lot of additions and with less advertising than other alternatives.


With Telecine, you can capture high resolution videos on your phone. Just start the overlay and then navigate from the app. The overlay will remain so you can hit the record key when in the app. The overlay disappears during recording. To stop, press on the area where the overlay was used.

Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder is a simple and easy application to use for record screen on devices running Android 5.0+. It uses official APIs added by Android Lollipop +, so it does not require root. The videos are stored in an easy-to-find folder, so you can use your favorite applications to view, edit and share them.

It's a relatively straightforward app compared to others on the list, although it allows you to choose the resolution, bitrate, and show the overlaid camera. Some features are limited in the free version, but you can unlock them for a week by watching an ad.

This is all about how to record screen of a phone without root. Let us know if you know of any other applications. Were you able to find the right application for you? Can you let us know how you found yourself?

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