How to Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S21

Everyone who buys a Samsung Galaxy S21 needs to transfer all data from the old phone. After all, no one wants to lose photos, videos, and other important documents just because they switch phones. There are various methods to transfer data from our old phone to our Samsung Galaxy S21. Each is appropriate for various usage scenarios.

How to Transfer All Data to Samsung Galaxy S21

There are two very simple methods to transfer all data from old phone to Samsung Galaxy S21, let's see them together.

When you turn on your phone for the first time

Like most of the devices on the market, Samsung Galaxy S21 is based on the Android operating system. The operating system offers Google services integration, which allows you to transfer data from phone to phone when you first turn on your new device:

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy S21 and bring your old smartphone closer.
  2. Choose a Wi-Fi network when you first set up your phone (must match the other device).
  3. Enter the Google account information that was used on the previous device.
  4. Make sure your old device was successfully found by the Samsung Galaxy S21; choose the data you need to transfer and then press Next.
  5. Wait for the operation to complete and accept the Google Terms of Service.

During the original setup, media files can be transferred to the new phone and apps start downloading after entering the home screen. Once the device is turned on, Samsung Galaxy S21 should take 10 to 15 minutes for the entire data transfer.

How to Move All Data to Samsung Galaxy S21 with Google Sync

If you have been using Samsung Galaxy S21 for a while, the transfer can be done in another way, but with syncing from Google services. First, you need to log in to the old device with a valid account and backup via the “Restore and Restore” menu.

The next step is to set up sync on Samsung Galaxy S21:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Go to the "Account" section and press "Add account".
  3. Enter your Google account information from the old device.
  4. Go to your account settings and open the dialog box.
  5. Confirm the synchronization.

All data saved on the previous smartphone will be automatically loaded into the Samsung Galaxy S21. If you have previously synced this data with Google Services, you will have access to all files and your contact list.

Memory card

The data transfer operation only takes a moment if your old phone supports MicroSD cards, as does the Samsung Galaxy S21. Of course, this method will work for you if you have previously saved all information on an external drive. Simply install the card in the Samsung Galaxy S21 and all the files will be displayed in File Explorer.


Not the best, but still suitable way to transfer files. First of all, you need to establish a connection between the old device and your computer. The preferred option is USB.

The phone must appear in the “This PC” application and the user must copy the contents of the device's internal memory to any folder on the PC. Then it becomes possible for the Samsung Galaxy S21 to receive these files from the PC to the smartphone.

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How to Partially Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S21

Data from another phone can also be partially transmitted to the Samsung Galaxy S21. This is appropriate if the new device already has data and only contacts, notes or files need to be added.

How to transfer contacts, photos and videos, apps and games to Samsung Galaxy S21

If the user has transferred media files to Samsung Galaxy S21 using a memory card, they just need to add the contact list. To do this, open the application of the same name on your old device, go to Settings and select import.

Contacts can be transferred in various ways. For example, they are completely transmitted to the SIM card and automatically loaded onto a new phone. You can also transfer to your existing Google account via sync. If you use this method, Samsung Galaxy S21 only needs to set up synchronization, as shown above with full data transfer.


For those who want to transfer photos, music and videos from phone to phone, there are several ways to do this:

  • via microSD card;
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi (via third-party apps such as SHAREit);
  • messengers.

Special software is the preferred option. You can send all data at once or just a few individual files.

Games and applications

Since the Google app store is available on Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Sync is the best way to transfer software. You just need to log into the account on your new smartphone that was used on the old device. The games and apps are then downloaded automatically.

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