iPhone 13 Pro: Do ​​leaks reveal details and colors?

    iPhone 13 Pro: Do ​​leaks reveal details and colors?

    There are about five months left until the new models of iPhone and, as happens every year now, the leaks and rumors about the new devices of Apple chase each other relentlessly. One of the most recent and discussed rumors on the net has as its protagonist what should be the next iPhone 13 Pro and it would seem to reveal some details about the camera and one of the colors that will be made available.

    Starting with the color, according to what is stated by the Youtube channel EverythingApplePro and by the authoritative freelancer Max Weinbach, the Cupertino company would intend to market the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max also in the "Matte Black" variant, that is matte black. This would be a welcome return, as this coloring had been introduced in the past with iPhone 7 and no longer proposed. On the other hand, no details have been provided regarding the other colors that will be made available, although it is likely that they will follow those already seen with iPhone 12.

    The rumor reported by Weinbach would also seem to provide some (narrow) information about the photo gallery that we will find on the next top of the Apple range. iPhone 13 Pro should have one again LiDAR scanner like iPad Pro, thanks to which the rendering of details in shots taken in low light conditions is maximized. In terms of design, the "hump" in the back should be more discreet and less protruding than seen on the iPhone 12 Pro.

    Other rumors also seem to suggest the presence of the Snapdragon X60 5G modem, more efficient from the point of view of consumption compared to the X55 present on the current iPhone 12. At present there is no information released by official channels regarding the next "iPhone by" of the Cupertino company and for this we just have to wait the next few weeks to be able to hope to have new details and more reliable news about the new and highly anticipated Apple smartphones.

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