The 10 best apps to edit photos in a vintage style

The 10 best apps to edit photos in a vintage style

After the war, the photographer was a profession for a few professionals ... few approached the passion for amateur photography. In the 80s, large companies sniffed the deal, so the market was flooded with compact, Polaroid, disposable cameras, offering the opportunity even to simple enthusiasts to become aspiring photographers.

With the arrival of digital, the passion for photography has fully invested a large number of people, thanks also to the spread of increasingly performing smartphones. But although the digital world allows to obtain very high quality photographs thanks to the use of technological means absolutely innovative, there is always a strong nostalgia for the past. So much so that there are really numerous apps that allow you to edit photos in a vintage style.

Fortunately, style photo enthusiasts vintage they can choose from a wide range of applications to be able to edit images with a retro touch. To be able to create more rough, blurry and even romantic shots that go outside of time, you can choose from the best apps to edit photo in vintage style.

All the best vintage apps

It might seem almost a contradiction, but despite we are in the middle of the digital age, there is often a nostalgia for analogue or vintage photography. These 10 vintage app they are artfully made so that it is really impossible not to be fascinated by the style, here they are:

1. 8mm vintage camera

One of the best apps to edit your own retro-styled photos è 88mm vintage camera. With a very simple interface, the app has countless features that allow you to edit and make a video or photo vintage. Particularly useful also for editing videos recorded without the aid of the app.

The filters present within the smartphone application are numerous. 8mm vintage camera allows you to use different lenses, films, sounds and even noise to create your own vintage video or photo.

2.Grain Cam

Application dedicated to more nostalgic photography enthusiasts is Grain Cam. One of the best applications ideal for both photo editing and video editing. The application allows you to customize each shot in a vintage style, adding a patina to the image that makes the style of photography more classic.

Through Grain Cam it is possible to act directly on the image using a simple filter capable of making each shot vintage. Free application and only available for iOS devices.

3. Vintage retro camera + VHS

Application available in both free basic version and paid full version, only available for all devices Android. The app offers users the possibility to take advantage of an infinite number of filters and effects to modify images in a retro style.

4. 1967 Vintage Filters

Application available for iOS users in its free version is fast and immediate, and with a single movement of the finger it is possible to apply a wide variety of filters to the selected photograph. 1967 Vintage Filters is an app that has absolutely nothing to envy to Instagram, as it is designed for quick use before sharing on social networks.

5. Darkroom & Old camera

Although digitization has taken over, there are many who want to abandon themselves to the development of photographs. Darkroom allows you to reproduce this fantastic process by making the user rediscover the emotion of being able develop your own photographs starting from the negatives. The application available only for iOS devices allows you to develop black and white images, through a game exposure and saturation.

6. Huji Cam

One of the best apps to make retro pictures is Huji Cam, which allows you to create the characteristics of 1998 photographs. The app offers the possibility to play with effects and small imperfections that make your photographs unique and vintage. One of the particularly popular features of Huji Cam is the writing superimposed with the date in orange, typical of the 90s.

7. Kuni Cam and Kamon

The application Kuni Cam available for iOS devices, it transforms ordinary photographs into analog images with particularly creative filters. While Kamon promises to make photos taken from an ordinary iPhone look like they were taken with a disposable camera from the 80s.

8 Afterlight

One of the best applications that can edit images in perfect vintage style is Afterlight. App capable of recreating an analog aging effect, as well as light overlay, double exposure for one unique and retro style.

9. Retro Camera Plus

Among the best applications to make your images decidedly more vintage Retro Camera Plus. The application available for free allows users to use 5 different effects to modify the images that they want to age, and make them unique.

10. Vsco

Application available for free for all smartphones, it has a decidedly minimal and intuitive appearance. You can take photos directly through the app or import images from your phone roll, and then proceed by editing them and making them vintage.

Vsco allows you to use a large gallery of standard filters, and adjustment tools that allow you to adjust the exposure, contrast or saturation of the image.

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