The 11 best apps for predicting the future

It would be nice to always know what is going to happen, to prepare ourselves for future without fear. Someone thinks that this is possible, perhaps by reading the hand oi tarot. There are even some Whatsapp dedicated, so as to keep an eye on the situation even when you are away from home. Because, you know, the unexpected is always around the corner.

1) Tarot. This Android application is the classic tarot reading. The cards are arranged with their backs towards you: all you have to do is think intensely about the situation for which you want to know the future and touch a card; it will appear turned and its meaning will be briefly explained to you. The program is totally free and you can also use it several times a day.

2) Divination (Fingerscan). If, to the reading of the cards, you prefer that of the fingerprints, this is the application for you. The interface is very impressive, with a starry night sky and the outline of the luminous footprint that awaits only the pressure of your finger. By touching it, you will receive one in seconds divination and maybe a suitable suggestion. But beware: the future can only be predicted once a day!

3) Sphere of the seer. The charm of one magic sphere, however, it has no comparison. How many times, in movies or at the circus, have you been subjugated by the sorceress who peeked inside and talked about the future? Now you can do it too, by downloading this app and touching the sphere with your finger, concentrating on the topic for which you want to know the future. In a few moments, you will read the result directly on your smartphone.

4) Zoltar Veggenza 3D. If you trust more of a magician, then you can let the sympathetic read the future for you Zoltar, who will peek at the sphere for you. The animation is really impressive and you will have the feeling of being in the presence of a real magician. If he has no advice to give you, he will put you off until the next day, so you can rest assured that he will never lie to you!

5) What my future baby will be like. If your claims to know the future are more "earthly", you may be intrigued by what face it will have your son, when will he born. This app compares photos of potential parents to give you an idea of ​​how your genes might fit together, resulting in a unique being. If the photo doesn't satisfy you, you can always consider changing partners!

6) Who is your true love? If children are a distant topic to be addressed and, indeed, you are still looking for yours twin soul, you can try to… kiss this app. Enter your name and date of birth and touch the space below with your lips or fingers. Your prince charming will appear with a description of his character. Of course, don't expect to meet the guy in the photo, you might be disappointed!

7) My future husband. Staying on the subject, you will be able to know the face of yours future husband thanks to this application. Touch the space with your finger and visualize his face, to share it with your friends or have a laugh with friends. As usual, expectations may be disappointed.

8) How you will be when you are old. But let's get back down to earth and see what the passage of time has in store for us. Literally. Thanks to an accurate editing, you will be able to see your face or that of your loved ones in a few decades. You will be allowed to intervene on the features, fixing the imperfections or making the photo as realistic as possible. By working on your current lifestyle, you may be able to avoid most of the wrinkles!

9) The magic sphere. This is the new frontier of the classic crystal balls. This looks more like a bowling ball, but will answer politely to all of yours questions, as long as they foresee an answer such as "yes", "no" or "probably". Don't expect advice or other more complex phrases, because this sphere is really of few words.

10) Horoscope & Palm Master-Palm Scanner and Aging. This app summarizes more predictions: vi reads the hand, shows you what you would look like in the shoes of the opposite sex, what face a possible child might have and what you will have as you get older. Not only that, if you believe inhoroscope, you will have accurate predictions in the weeks and months to come, as well as compatibility with other signs.

11) Fortune teller: life path. Finally, among the most voted apps, we suggest this one which, by means of the zodiac sign and date of birth, will show you in detail how yours will be "vita", what are yours expectations and compatibility with other signs. You can even find out who you were in your previous life.

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