Thor the God of Thunder Trophy List [PS3]

Thor the God of Thunder Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Thor the God of Thunder

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Warrior fury
Kill at least 4 enemies with a single melee attack.
Got an upgrade.
Unlock all costumes.
Unlock all the colors of the lightning bolt.
Golden apples!
Maximizes Thor's health.
Like father Like Son
Maximize the Power of Odin of Thor.
Battle fury
Kill 10 Jötunn invaders within 30 seconds.
The favorite prince
Complete all Quests in Asgard.
Reap what you sow
Completa Niflheimr.
Quickly take out 30 Ice Giants in the first Battle of Niflheimr.
Destroy the Jötunn Ice Bridge.
Open the Cave of Eternity in under 4 minutes.
The sins of the father
Complete Vanaheimr.
The ferryman
Complete the River Barge zone with the Slime Giant with at least 40% health.
Rain of bullets
Return 3 bullets of the war beast.
Destroy all of the foundry pipes without getting hit by the Resonant Beam.
Soft landing
Destroy the drill core within 4 minutes of landing.
Deep abyss
Send 30 enemies into the depths of Múspellheimr.
Fire extinguisher
Extinguish the flames of 10 Warlords with the Power of the Wind.
The bomb
Prevent the scabies bomb from exploding without using elemental powers.
A worthy being
Beat a giant enemy without taking damage.
In movement
Complete Asgard.
Ice Warrior
Complete all Niflheimr Quests.
Marathon runner
Complete all of Vanaheimr's Quests.
Through the flames
Complete Múspellheimr.
  Fire warrior
Complete all Múspellheimr Quests.
Becoming King
Defeat Mangog.
Flawless defense
Complete Asgard's defense with 75% morale.
The prodigal son
Complete all Siege Asgard Quests.
Savior of Asgard
Complete the game.
Legend of Valhalla
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting: Valhalla.
King of Businesses
Complete all Quests in the game.
The mighty Thor
Obtain all Courage upgrades.
Collect all trophies.


{slide = Secret Trophies (click to view) | closed | red}
  • Ejected (Bronze): Extract the Jtun warrior from the Frost Goliath's chest.
  • Gentle Giant (Bronze): Escort a Mire Giant.
  • Homecoming King (Silver): Sconfiggi Mangog.{/slide}


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