Trophy Guide / "Vermilion Ship" Objective

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: guide to unlock the Setzer ship [PS4 - Xbox One]


It is one of the most difficult objectives of the game, let's see how to proceed.

Trophy Guide / "Vermilion Ship" Objective

The first thing you want to know is that you will not be able to do this before completing the first mission of Chapter 7. Considering the enemies you will have to face, It is advisable to have a party that is at least Level 40 or higher, otherwise you will have great difficulty in accomplishing the feat. That said, here's what you need to do to "awaken the Setzer's wings":

  • Complete the first mission of Chapter 7.
  • Talk to the character offering the Expert workouts at the Akademia Area Main Gate, then accept the "Operation Homecoming" expert training (suggested level 37).
  • In the overworld, go to the indicated region and complete the training.
  • You will now have unlocked a town called Bazz. Go there and go straight to the back of the area where you will find a woman who has a job for you, accept it.
  • Go back to the overworld and go one region to the south.
  • In this new region is the cave to the south. On the way there will be many Behemoth Kings of Lv. 99, so grab the fastest chocobo you have and avoid them.
  • Once in the cave you will enter the fallen vessel. Here are 7 Iron Giants from Liv. 44, you will have to kill them all (that's why at the beginning I advised to try with a party that was at least level 40).
  • After killing them, activate the 4 switches in the ship, then go to the front of the ship.
  • By interacting with the panel you will find you will unlock the result and also the ship.

Here is also a video showing the process, good luck:

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