All hacking ctOS: Spaccasistemi

Guida Hacking ctOS di Watch Dogs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


No system will ever be able to resist Aiden Pierce and his robotic cellphone.

All hacking ctOS: Spaccasistemi

To unlock this trophy / achievement you need to complete a total of 16 hack ctOS. As for the other collectibles, also in this case it will be enough to unlock the ctOS antennas (see the guide to ctOS antennas) to show their position on the map.

These are short side missions in which you have to complete the hacking of 5 boxes within a time limit. To reach these boxes it will often be necessary to climb buildings or switch from one camera to another, sometimes you will also need to use the step machine to climb on otherwise inaccessible points.

If you have difficulty follow the video below to see how to find and complete all ctOS hacks.

Important: do not forget to consult the Watch Dogs tricks and guides tab with all the other guides on the game: complete trophy guide, how to earn money and easy XP and many more.

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