Amazon Prime Gaming: February 2021 free games revealed

Another month is about to begin, and Amazon announced the five titles that will be available for free in February 2021 to all subscribers to Amazon Prime who have access to Amazon Prime Gaming. Throughout the month of February, you will also be able to download numerous additional content for a wide variety of hit games, including FIFA 21, Red Dead Online, Apex Legends and many others. The new free games of February are instead 5: Table Manners, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Spinch, Monster Prom: Hotseat edition and Swimsanity.

This month is totally dedicated to indies, and between them we find two new platformers, Stealth Bastard Deluxe and Spinch. The first title will take us to face, in the role of a character with green stealth goggles Splinter Cell, a "mortal structure" that will do anything to defeat us. The second, on the other hand, is a side scrolling platform psychedelic, which makes you play Spinch, “hyperagile organism consumed by the quest to save a litter of its missing offspring. Table Manners, on the other hand, is a bizarre physics-based game in which we will have to take part in gallant dates, trying to complete them in the best way: however, the difficulty of the game will consist in the fact that we will lead a hand that is definitely difficult to control. Monster Prom: Hotseat edition is also a dating simulator, an adventure more focused on storytelling that will see us busy fixing a appointment for the prom. In the period preceding the big dance we will have to "train" with our monster friends to be able to find ourselves prepared for the big day.

As the Valentine's daytherefore, Amazon Prime Gaming has well thought out to include two games with love and relationships at the center of the free titles of the month. We remind you that you can also redeem some prize packages for the mode Ultimate Team of Fifa 21's Electronic Arts until March 3, plus free content for Destiny 2 , a skin for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a skin for Apex Legends and much more.

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