AMD: GPUs based on RDNA 2 architecture will arrive first on PC

The new architecture AMD called RDNA 2, implemented on the new graphics card SHIPS 2, will arrive on the market even before the launch of the next generation consoles. According to the words of Devinder Kuman, the CFO of AMD, the company wanted to confirm at the Global Technology Conference of Bank Of America 2020 that the new GPU "Big NAVI" - as many call it - it will officially be the first product to be based on the new RDNA 2 architecture.

All this translates into the early release of the new line of video cards. If indeed PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X will be released during the autumn, it is plausible that already in the course of this summer we could find the new AMD branded products on the market. At the same time, NVIDIA will release the new line in the same period RTX 3000 based on Ampere architecture, thus hindering the Californian company's plans.

There is indeed a lot of excitement for Navi 2, or as our fans have dubbed Big Navi. This product will be the first to be based on RDNA 2 and we are working hard to give the best to our fans. The new architecture will be exploited across the entire range, from mainstream to enthusiast GPUs to game consoles and APUs. This will allow us to build a much broader and more diverse ecosystem, accelerating development and exciting features such as ray tracing and much more.

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