Among Us - Guide to Hide and Seek Mode and the best hiding places

It's been a while now that Among Us has become a real phenomenon, the work of Innersloth still bewitches millions of gamers on PC and mobile platforms. The investigative title, while being quite simple considering its basic play mechanics, allows in several cases to create real additional rules, not only in terms of personalization, but also in terms of the presence of fan-made mode. Among these, the one that stands out most of all is undoubtedly the modality Hide and seek, also known as Hide and Seek (literal translation). To participate you will not have to select some automatic option, but organize a group of friends ready to follow these rules: let's discover them together!

Here's how Among Us Hide and Seek Mode works

In the creation of the room you will have to select only one impostor, with the map of your choice, however we specify that The Skeld is undoubtedly the one that best suits this mode, let's talk about the most played spaceship so to speak. Once you enter the room, select a certain number of tasks, which will certainly vary from game to game according to your preferences, we advise you to do not select more than 5 total and to avoid long tasks, also remember to set the field of vision of the impostor and crewmates to a minimum, and the movement speed to 1.0. At this point you just have to set the kill cooldown to 10 seconds or a little more, do not worry if it seems little to you, in the next lines we will explain why this is correct. For all the customization of the Among us room, we refer you to our specific guide, accessible at the following link.

Once the game of Hide and Seek has started, the classic rules of the game will have to be - almost totally - ignored by the players, who can (should, indeed) stay with the microphone open for the entire game. Immediately after the start the only impostor will have to declare himself, indicating the color of his character and starting at count to 20, or until they are given the go-ahead to go through voice chat, if you don't use the microphone you can overlook the problem by calling an emergency as soon as the game begins. During this time the crew members will have to position themselves where they prefer, without completing or starting any task, simply hiding. Once the countdown is over, and the impostor has been given the green light, however, they will have to hurry to finish all the tasks, even after they have died, while the impostor will have to find them instead by carrying out a real carnage.

It is not allowed to report corpses, nor to sabotage, close the doors and use the Ventilation duct, but it is customary for the impostor to be allowed to tamper with the lights after the taskbar has reached halfway. These will not clearly be repaired, so the Crewmate's field of view will be practically zero. Whoever died will obviously not have to report the killer's movements, but can indicate the point where he was killed to direct his comrades once. It is also clearly allowed to communicate the movements of the impostor in case you meet him alive. You can vary the rules a little bit by game, as regards the tasks, for example, the granting of any sabotage and closing of the doors, or the possibility of using the cameras or the screen in the Admin room; the important thing is that you have fun in the mode while varying the basic formula of the game!

The best hiding places for The Skeld map

Once the Tasks are finished you will have to wait for your mates alive - and not - to do the same, in order to escape the impostor. In the role of the latter you will have to both check the most frequent places for the various missions, and inspect every nook and cranny to find the hidden players. We therefore want to suggest you some of the most interesting places, reminding you that positioning yourself near a fan will not be a problem since the impostor will not be able to use them, as well as that the Imposter's field of view will be very low and he will not be able to locate you as usual.

Starting from Cafeteria, it could be smart to take refuge on the upper part, as well as on the lower side of the tables, the impostor will hardly pass by, preferring instead the outline of the map. Medbay it's an unknown, you could stay there the whole game without meeting the impostor, but if he walks into the room you certainly won't get out alive. The reactors on the left side are often controlled, as predictable, as opposed to the room of the cameras which is not very crowded.

Electrical e storage they are the least recommended places, it is not the best to go in either admin but you can find out where the impostor is through the appropriate screen (provided that you are the last remaining, and that you agree to use it). They remain Communication, for which the same speech of Medbay applies, Navigation, Oxygen e Weapon all 3 are not recommended, although you may have luck with the top of the latter. A place where you might go unnoticed resides above Shield, on the right side, a small corner that could be your salvation, instead avoid taking refuge near the main Task itself.

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