Anthem - Javelin Guide (Classes) - Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor or Storm?

Bioware ed Electronic Arts they are back together for a titanic project, a new IP capable of attracting millions of players, thanks also to the team's experience with previous jobs. Anthem shows itself as a highly customizable title, where our loadout will allow us to create the most suitable javelin for us. The arrows are divided into four macro categories (classes), each with its particularities, powers, and armament. There is therefore no need to say that to give the best in Anthem it will be necessary to adapt to play with all of them, perhaps after specializing in one.

In this guide we will analyze all the classes (Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm), so as to facilitate both your choice and clarify many points that are still obscure to most.

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the class Cleaning it is the most versatile of all, also suitable for novice players. Far to say, however, that this is the simplest class to use at best, so much so that if you manage to make the most of it, it will be almost impossible to get hit. The Ranger Javelin has a wide variety of actions to draw from, and there is no combat situation in which it is irrelevant. So here we are to have access to an excellent variety of firearms available (he can equip them all, except the heavy ones), a sort of wildcard for every mission and every type of team. The Ranger is therefore the character who manages to best balance the ability of attack, defense and movement.

Arrangement of weapons: all, except the heavy ones;
Body to body: Shock Mace (an electrified mace);
Ultimate Ability: Multi-target missile battery.

Grenade Gear:

  • Fragmentation Grenade: deals great damage in a good area of ​​effect;
  • Inferno Grenade: ignites an area, dealing damage and igniting enemies;
  • Freezing Grenade: deals damage and freezes enemies in place;
  • Search Grenades: splits into small sub-grenades that head towards the nearest enemy;
  • Sticky Bomb: attaches to a single target and deals large explosion damage.

Gear Assault Launcher:

  • Search Missile: fires a bullet that chases a target across a small blast area;
  • Pulse Energy: releases a blast of pure energy, hitting a single target with incredible force;
  • Energy Ray: releases a sustained beam of energy for continuous damage;
  • Poison Darts: launches a volley of darts that chase a target for acid damage;
  • Explosive Missile: fires a missile that deals area blast damage.

Support Gear:

  • Bulwark Point: deploys a spherical field that deflects incoming enemy bullets.
  • Muster Point: Creates a field that increases the damage of teammates' weapons that come within its range.


Meet a colossus, and feel lucky if you can tell it. This Anthem class is a real one war machine, designed to bring destruction and capable of exterminating entire nests of fauna thanks to heavy weapons, artillery of all kinds, or even flamethrowers. Needless to say, they are also extremely resistant and die hard. As you may have guessed, this Javelin focuses on combat power, making it the class capable of dealing more damage than the others. Its peculiarities mean that the Colossus is always at the center of the action, with the utility also of attracting the enemy's attention to itself and distracting it from the more “fragile” arrows.

Arrangement of Weapons: only Javelin that can use heavy weapons, but cannot use Pistols and SMGs;
Melee: Heavy Shot;
Ultimate Ability: Assault Cannon - Large cannon that fires into a target area.

Ordinance Launcher Gear:

  • Explosion Mortar: launches an explosive projectile that deals great damage in an area of ​​effect;
  • Bursting Mortar: fires a barrage of small shots that spread and hit a larger area;
  • Mortar Firewall: fires specialized shots that create a wall of flames, dealing massive damage if passed through;
  • Lightning Coil: fires a single arc of electricity at a random target in front of the Colossus, with priority on targets with status effects;
  • Shock Coil: emits waves of electricity from the Colossus, damaging all nearby enemies.

Heavy Assault Launcher Gear:

  • Heavy Cannon: fires a large rocket in a target direction:
  • Flamethrower: releases a continuous streak of fire to "ignite" enemies;
  • Flak Cannon: bar enemies with an arc of short-range projectiles;
  • Railgun: devastates a single target with a precise and powerful kinetic blow;
  • Spit Acid: expels an acid bullet to damage enemies.

Support Gear:

  • Taunt: forces all enemies within a certain radius of proximity to deflect attacks towards the Colossus;
  • Deflector Pulse: Gives all nearby allies a damage resistance buff.


THEInterceptor it will certainly not have the aggressive and imposing form of the Colossus, but it is by no means a javelin to be underestimated. The specialty of this class is to get close to enemies, to inflict damage and weaken them, and then move away before they can react. The "hit and run" tactic is very peculiar for a title of this type, and with the powerful blades and a series of devastating skills, the Interceptor is one of the most self-sufficient classes ever, but also an incredible support teammate. The biggest peculiarities concern its incredible agility and his favoring positions of advantage for himself and for his companions. Certainly a javelin that requires a lot of training to be exploited to the fullest, but which is crucial for a team if used ad hoc.

Arrangement of Weapons: All weapons, except heavy ones;
Melee: double-bladed daggers
Ultimate Ability: Assassin's Blades - Super-Charged Blades

Assault Systems

  • Seeker Glaive: launches a very sharp projectile that chases the closest target;
  • Acid Bomb: throws a grenade that explodes, wetting enemies with acid;
  • Cryo Glaive: launches a projectile that focuses on an enemy that freezes on impact;
  • Mina in Cluster: launches a group of mines in a target area that explode on contact with the enemy;
  • Spark Dash: Dash forward, leaving a trail of electricity that damages enemies.

Raid Systems:

  • Star Strike: Charge an enemy with energy that explodes after a time delay. The explosion deals increased damage if the target is destroyed before the full delay;
  • Plasma Star: Throws a plasma-powered shuriken at a single target, very effective from a distance;
  • Nova Strike: emits a projection of the Interceptor that attacks the enemies with which it comes into contact;
  • Tempest Strike: a devastating single-target attack that can stun smaller enemies;
  • Corrosive Spray: sprays a jet of corrosive acid that damages all enemies hit.

Support Systems:

  • Target Beacon: Mark a target to increase the damage dealt to it. If this is defeated, the brand moves on to a new target.
  • Rally Cry: Removes the altered statuses from all allies.


Storm it is a very particular javelin, which uses a very powerful technology known as "seals" which enhances the latent kinetic power. The result is a javelin that can float effortlessly and release the true energy of the Anthem. The Storm Javelin is capable of channeling an incredible amount of elemental strength, however it does not excel in defensive abilities, and it is therefore advisable to use it from a safe distance. Due to these characteristics, this class is especially recommended for experienced players who know what they have in their hands.

Arrangement of Weapons: all, except the heavy ones;
Melee: Fiery Blow
Ultimate Ability: Elemental Storm - A large explosion of all elements, culminating in a meteor.

Blast Seals:

  • Electric Shot: A hit with lightning damage that hits a target area;
  • Ice Temple- Creates an ice field that deals damage, rapidly growing into a final ice blast;
  • Burst of Flames- a quick blast that deals damage to a target area;
  • Frost burst- Launches a barrage of ice bullets that deal damage and freeze nearby enemies;
  • Live Flame: fire energy that finds and ignites its targets.

Focus Seals:

  • Flakes of Frost: Quick-release ice fragments that slowly freeze a target in place;
  • Fire ball: a versatile fire ability that can be exploded right away, but also charged to create a larger projectile;
  • Ball of Lightning: a discharge of electrical energy that can bounce off walls to hit covered targets;
  • Glacial Ray: fires a powerful ice beam in a target direction;
  • Petrol arc: releases a lightning strike that jumps from target to target dealing great damage.

Support Seals:

  • Wind Wall: generates a defensive wall of wind that deflects enemy bullets.
  • Nexus: creates a field that provides a reduction in the cooldown of our teammates' gear in its range.


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