Baby Driver 2: the script for the second film has been completed

Ansel Elgort (protagonist of films such as Colpa delle Stelle and the Divergent saga) was interviewed a few days ago by the MTV News, viewable at the bottom of the article, where he happily confessed to having read the screenplay by Baby Driver 2 - sequel to the excellent film released in 2017 - written by the director Edgar Wright. The director, known to the public for films such as "Dawn of the Dead Dementi" and "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" is also temporarily engaged in his latest film entitled Last Night in Soho and, although taken 24 hours a day, managed to carve out some time to write the sequel to his heist-movie pop.

These are the words of the young actor in summary:

“Yes, I've seen the script. I don't know when we will do it, but I really think we will, we will do Baby Driver 2. Even if it will have a different title, actually! ”.

The film was critically acclaimed and grossed well $ 227 million of dollars in the world against a meager budget of only $ 34 million. He was also nominated in the technical categories of editing, sound and sound editing at the 2018 oscars.

Will the #BabyDriver sequel ever see the light of day? @AnselElgort confirmed that director @edgarwright has told him the title, and he's seen a script: "I think it's gonna happen"

- MTV NEWS (@MTVNEWS) July 25, 2019

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