Back 4 Blood: gameplay and details from the Turtle Rock Studios stream

Back 4 Blood, a co-op shooter announced in 2019 by the creators of Left 4 Dead, is finally shown in action in live streaming from the studios of Turtle Rock Studios, on Twitch. The videogame, developed in collaboration with Warner Bros., intends to unite all the best elements that unite the FPS focused on a co-op mode, in sauce zombie. The unedited gameplay sequences shown live by the developers await you at the bottom of the news.

It should be noted that the scenes shown are taken (as indicated at the beginning of the movie) from one pre-alpha version of the build currently in development. The game looks like a fast-paced co-op shooter that does not create particular problems to show on the screen rivers of blood. The zombies, particularly aggressive, are able to appear on the screen from any position, even the most unexpected (perhaps falling from the top of a building, falling almost on your heads). The unprecedented video sequence starts with a group of survivors trying to free a building from a massive presence of zombies. Creatures of normal size alternate with gods mini-boss (in perfect TLOU 2 style, we would dare to say) and gods boss of gigantic proportions, which also highlight a good level of destructibility of environments. They look great, right now, the light and shadow effects calculated in real time by the graphics engine (this can be noticed in particular by the explosion of the bullets, and the resulting flare-ups, which are reflected on the walls in particularly light-free environments). The most important novelty of Back 4 Blood is related to the gameplay sector: the developers have created a card system, called "Corruption Cards", able to guarantee active and passive skills. These cards will detail different styles of play, depending on your preferences. Apparently, the use of these cards will be allowed only in certain areas, after having taken steps to free them from any zombie presence, to then prepare for the next battle.

In early July, the developers released the first official artwork of the game (in case you missed it, you can admire it here). Today's gameplay showcase was preceded by the release of two trailers, shown to the world on the occasion of the2020 edition of The Game Awards.

Ready for a buffet of carnage? Feast your eyes on the first extended look at # Back4Blood Gameplay!

- Back4Blood (@ back4blood) December 17, 2020

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