Batman PS5: a screenshot reveals the existence of the game?

Good news for all fans of the series Batman, waiting too long for the return of the bat man. Rumors about the game have been running for years now, we have talked about it abundantly in our dedicated article, but today we finally had the first real jolt of the title.

In fact, during the past few hours, a very significant image regarding the new Batman has emerged on Reddit. Although the interface does not give us much information, the logos at the bottom left with the wording PS5 e PS4 they leave no room for analysis. In recent months there has been a lot of talk about a game dedicated to Superman but, at this point, we believe that Rocksteady stay at work with a new adventure dedicated to the famous Bruce Wayne.

Although the man of steel is a very suggestive character, we believe that the charm of this saga gives the Dark Knight an edge at least at a playful level.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no information about it, but we hope that already today during the revelation event dedicated to PlayStation 5 this evening (you can find us live on Twitch and on the pages Facebook di Resources4Gaming e k), this new chapter of the series will finally be shown to the world.

However, we would like to make a necessary clarification: this image could easily be denied at any time since it does not come from official sources, and at present, no company has denied or confirmed what has been reported. So try to take this information with the necessary precautions, so as not to be burned in case of non-arrival of the game. We know for sure that the photo is very clear, but in the gaming industry everything changes quickly.

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