Bojack Horseman - Review of the new season dedicated to the Netflix series

When the first episode came out in August 2014, no one would literally stake a penny on this horse named Bojack. An animated series for adults, but without dirty jokes or improprieties of any kind: only a realistic and truthful discussion of real problems such as depression, alcohol and drug addictions, difficulties in having children, existential and couple crises, brought to the small screen by a world in which humans and anthropomorphic animals live and coexist as nothing had happened.

We are Bojack

In a world where problems related to the psyche are increasingly widespread, often accentuated by a frenetic and insane lifestyle, anyone can find themselves in the various characters that Raphael Bob-Waksberg e Lisa Hanawalt they created and designed: but keeping six seasons up without risking them becoming boring is not easy, yet they have succeeded in an excellent way, going deeper and deeper into the history of the protagonists, revealing an extra piece of how they arrived with each episode. at that point, about what made them what they are.

As in a puzzle that is moving towards its completion, the tiles are all on the table, only a few are missing to be placed, and in this sixth season through perhaps the more personal and introspective episodes of the series we will be able to understand everything we still did not know about our "very human" characters, giving their story a worthy conclusion.

Bojack he finds himself in the community, determined to face his addictions, but above all to look in the mirror to understand how to cut ties with a more than questionable past and start a new life. Princess Carolyn instead she is struggling with the task of the parent, which she had underestimated: the space for her, but above all for her work, has been drastically reduced by the arrival of her little girl (whom she also struggles to find a name for) and she increasingly realizes how difficult it is to reconcile work and motherhood. The character of will also find a lot of prominence Mr. Peanutbutter, which for the first time in six seasons will abandon its sunny and carefree aura, to find itself facing the problems of a star system that impose standards of behavior far removed from its joyful and cheerful character.

Less present, but still fundamental, we also find Todd e Diane, both of whom, however focused on their already complicated lives, continually find themselves under the influence of their friends.

Bitter comedy

In this season more than ever we realize what the actual talent of its creators is: the (mis) adventures of the protagonists, their parable, first descending and then redemption (although clumsy and often ineffective) is narrated from a point disenchanted, without pietism, alternating more serious moments to moments of genuine irony and comedy. Bojack's misadventures in the clinic, in which he tries to help others, but ends up only worsening their situation, are the emblem of how behind a laugh lies the bitter reflection of a person who, however well-intentioned, manages to combine just messes.

These first episodes are therefore a confirmation of what we have already seen in the past, therefore nothing new to the format of the series, but according to the proverb "Never change a winning team“, The focus is on the characteristic elements that made us love the protagonists so much. So, once these first eight deserving episodes are over, we just have to wait for January 2020 to find out how the story of Bojack and his friends will end.

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