Call of duty Black Ops - How to activate the cheats in zombie or campaign mode on PC

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Call of duty Black Ops - How to activate the cheats in zombie or campaign mode on PC

Here are the tricks to use while playing in sigleplayer and cooperative.

In addition to this guide, we also recommend reading our previous article always dedicated to tricks on PC.


Contribution of Polit in the FORUM

Are you among those who cannot use the tricks in the single player campaign or in the zombie mode of Call of Duty Black Ops? If so, we have good news. After a long discussion in our forum thanks to the contribution of Polit we have an effective procedure to activate the tricks offline while playing in singleplayer.

Before leaving you to the very clear explanation of Polit, we also offer you a video that explains the same procedure.

How to activate offline cheats in Call of Duty Black Ops
Don't see the video? Click here


Same procedure explained by Polit

1.andate in "C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommoncall of duty black opsplayers" e aprite il file config with notepad
2.modified seta monkeytoy "1" (if you don't find it, use the search button in the edit drop-down menu and look for monkeytoy) and turn it into seta monkeytoy "0" .
3. go to the end of the text, skip two lines and paste these writings (copy only the bold lettering!):

bind p "sf_use_ignoreammo 1"(infinite ammo, works in both single and cooperative)
bind ' "give thundergun_upgraded_zm" (gives you the thundergun only in kino der toten, it works in the single)
bind 7 "give all" (gives you a range of weapons, only works in single)
volume 9 "good" (god mode, only works in single)
bind 8 "noclip"(pass through walls, useful for climbing on the table without effort, only works in the single)
bind 0 "give ammo"(you reload your ammo, it only works in the single)

4. Now we close the document and give it ownership single letter(right click, properties, check read only), this is an important step otherwise you can't make a nice pipe.
5. Let's start the game and play the zombie mode in single player choosing, for example, the map five. Now we press key 9 and activate the god mode, we press it again to deactivate it. (For confirmation, a message will be written in the top left with the message "invincible mode on" or "invincible mode off")
the keys for the various tricks I put them because if I wrote bind 7 "give all" I will have to press seven to activate this cheat, if I type bind 8 "give all" I will have to press key 8 to activate it.

These tricks do not use the console, but are activated directly by pressing the key you have assigned to them.

NB: if you want to use the infinite ammo trick in the cooperative you have to be the host, once the map is loaded comfortably press the p key (or the one attributed to sf_use_ignoreammo 1) and that's it.

I recommend not to attribute the bind to game keys otherwise if something is attributed to 6 you do not get the rewards in multiplayer, or if you attribute it to 5 you do not go to the accessories of the weapons.

Cheats can also be activated in the campaign without doing anything else.



Contribution of Metallurgist in the FORUM

Below are the codes to use, follow the procedure shown in the video below

bind F1 "sf_use_ignoreammo 1" (Infinite Ammo - Single and Online)
bind F2 "god" (Immortality - Single only)
bind F3 "give ammo" (Get Extra Ammo - Single Only)
bind F4 "g_speed 600" (Movement speed, you can put whatever number you think is not too high or you will go inside the walls - Single and Online)
bind F5 "toggle jump_height 1000" (super salto - Solo singolo)
bind G "noclip" (Pass through walls - Single only)

You can put all the keys you want. Eg bind G can also be bind 0

Weapon Codes (Single only):
give m1911_upgraded_zm
give ray_gun_upgraded_zm
give thundergun_zm (Solo Kino Der Toten)
give thundergun_upgraded_zm (Solo Kino Der Toten)
give minigun_zm (Solo Five)
give freezegun_zm (Solo Five)
give freezegun_upgraded_zm (Solo Five)
give crossbow_explosive_upgraded_zm
give zombie_cymbal_monkey
give m1911_zm
give python_zm
give python_upgraded_zm
give g11_lps_zm
give g11_lps_upgraded_zm
give m14_zm
give m14_upgraded_zm
give m16_zm
give m16_gl_upgraded_zm
give famas_zm
give famas_upgraded_zm
give ak74u_zm
give ak74u_upgraded_zm
give mp5k_zm
give mp5k_upgraded_zm
give mp40_zm
give mp40_upgraded_zm
give mpl_zm
give mpl_upgraded_zm
give pm63_zm
give pm63_upgraded_zm
give spectre_zm
give spectre_upgraded_zm
give cz75dw_zm
give cz75lh_zm
give cz75dw_upgraded_zm
give cz75lh_upgraded_zm
give ithaca_zm (Stakeout)
give ithaca_upgraded_zm
give rottweil72_zm (Olympia)
give rottweil72_upgraded_zm
give spas_zm
give spas_upgraded_zm
give hs10_zm
give hs10_upgraded_zm
give aug_acog_zm
give aug_acog_mk_upgraded_zm
give galil_zm
give galil_upgraded_zm
give commando_zm
give commando_upgraded_zm
give fnfal_zm
give fnfal_upgraded_zm
give dragunov_zm
give dragunov_upgraded_zm
give l96a1_zm
give l96a1_upgraded_zm
give rpk_zm
give rpk_upgraded_zm
give hk21_zm
give hk21_upgraded_zm
give m72_law_zm
give m72_law_upgraded_zm
give china_lake_zm
give china_lake_upgraded_zm
give ray_gun_zm
give crossbow_explosive_zm
give bowie_knife_zm
give knife_ballistic_zm
give knife_ballistic_upgraded_zm
give knife_ballistic_bowie_zm
give knife_ballistic_bowie_upgraded_zm

You have to put them in quotes.
Es. bind 8 "give knife_ballistic_bowie_upgraded_zm"

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