Captain Marvel: let's discover the origins of Carol Denvers together

Carol Susan Jane Danvers, or simply Carol Denvers, is a comic book character created by R e Gene Colan in 1968 and owned by Marvel Comics. She made her debut on the pages of "Marvel Super-Heroes" as an officer of the US Air Force wearing, only in 1977, the role of the heroine Ms. Marvel. In his history this character has taken on various identities such as that of BinaryWarbird and only in 2012 that of Captain Marvel.


Following the clash between the hero Kree Mar-Vell and an enemy sound, Carol Danvers, is hit by a wave of radiation that fuses her human DNA with that of a Kree alien. After the accident, the girl develops super powers, including the ability to fly, super strength, and the ability to absorb any type of energy to use it against the opponent. From that moment the girl assumes the identity of the heroine Ms. Marvel and in 1977 she made her debut with a magazine dedicated to her, only later joining the team of the strongest heroes on earth: Avengers. After numerous vicissitudes and after having changed numerous identities over the years, Carol decides to change her identity again, and in memory of the late hero Mar-Vell she decides that her name will be that of Captain Marvel. Thanks to her powers and her strength, she will be given command of the SWORD or an agency owned by the SHIELD charged with supervising and fighting any extraterrestrial threats. In 2016 she will then be given an important role in the miniseries "Civil war ii”Which will see her in command of the team that will oppose that of Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Powers and abilities

Following the accident that transformed her into Captain Marvel, Carol acquires powers that go beyond imagination: she develops the ability to fly, absorb energy and direct it against her enemies in the form of photonic rays, she is also one of the superheroes with more strength physics of the entire universe Marvel like mighty heroes like Hulk, Thor e Namor. When subjected to large amounts of energy it is capable of transforming itself into Binary, a pure energy entity endowed with enormous cosmic powers. Our heroine is also an excellent fighter and an excellent pilot.

The film

Carol Danvers has landed in cinemas all over the world with the film that sees her as the protagonist, precisely, "Captain Marvel". The story takes place exactly between 1989 and 1995 when the fighter Kree named Vers, after hunting down some very dangerous shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls, he ends up on planet earth. Here, you will come in contact with Nicholas Fury and the young man Phil Coulson, two agents of a government agency that is concerned with protecting the earth from all threats, also known as SHIELD Vers warns Agent Fury of the impending threat posed by the Skrulls, but it is only after seeing her in action that the agent begins to believe her story. On the same planet, between one fight and another, our heroine will discover her true origins and that her real name is Carol Danvers. In the film it is B to take on the role of Captain Marvel, while Samuel L. Jackson will return to play Agent Nick Fury e Clark Gregg once again returns to being the agent Phil Coulson.

We remind you that the film Captain Marvel has been available in cinemas since last March 6.

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