Cheat codes for the command console

    The Evil Within Cheats: Infinite Life, Ammo, 60 fps and more [PC]

    Cheat codes for the command console


    Let's see how to activate the cheats in the PC version of The Evil Within.

    Cheat codes for the command console

     Like old school games, with The Evil Within we can use the debug console to insert ed commands activate some tricks. Proceed as follows:

    with Steam open right click on "The Evil Within" in the library. In the "General" tab, select "Properties" and then click on "Set startup options". In the text field that appears you have to write + com_allowconsole 1.

    Now, after launching the game, you can press the "INS" key on the keyboard (it would be INSERT, or the diagonally up arrow, usually next to the page up, page down keys) to open the command console. Here you will have to enter the following codes and press enter to activate the related tricks (you may need to restart steam).

      R_swapinterval VALUE
    • Set the FPS cap. To put -2 in place of VALUE to lock the FPS to 30. Put -1 to lock them at 60. Put 0 to clear the FPS lock.
    • Activate DIO mode. Invincibility, infinite life, you will not take damage.
    • Walk through the walls.
    • Infinite ammo for all weapons with at least one shot.
      G_stoptime 1
    • It blocks time, but it can cause bugs. Use “G_stoptime 0 ″ to disable this trick.
    • Unhook the camera.
      R_forceaspectratio VALUE
    • Set the aspect ratio of the screen. to put 0 instead of VALUE for full screen, 2.5 for the original display with black bands.
    • Activate the FPS counter.
    • Activate slow motion mode. enter “stopslowmotion” to disable this trick.

    Don't forget to check out The Evil Within cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game.

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